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Mothers and Fathers of All Descriptions: Our Children Always

March 7, 2012

When we go out and listen to people we realize that we are all the same, all reaching out, all looking for the same commitment and care from our parents and from our families.  We are all connected, living here in this community,  in one world that is burning up. We are all here to hold one another and listen.

No matter what!

“WE’re” needs to be our mantra.


“18 years … Went by in the blink of an eye… What I wouldn’t do to turn back time and do it all over again. Bryan Rodriguez, How proud you make me each and every day as you become a man beyond what I could have ever imagined. And with each year as I watch you blossom, it is yet another year reminding me of how fragile and precious life is as you are named after my dear friend Bryan who died the year you were born. You have made us all so very proud, Bryan Rodriguez, and I know this is only the beginnings of a lifetime of accomplishments and success. I am blessed and grateful to be your Mother. And thankful for each and every Halloween that we get to celebrate the day you came into our lives. Te amo para siempre.  BJB  — feeling blessed with Bryan Rodriguez and 5 others at Luz In the City.”



Kindergarten - 2002 - The Lab Charter
Our summer in Costa Rica
In Costa Rica
In Costa Rica with Abuela Nena y Abuelo Hugo
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