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Oppression By Any Means Domination Over Everyone Who Is Different Must Come to an End

October 15, 2013

By Any Means Domination Over Everyone Who Is DIfferent Must Come to an End


“Here I Stand”


Discrimination in all of its forms occurs with ease in a world where a thin veil exists between success and failure.  Slavery economically and politically usurps the rights of minorities with precision like a scalpel in the hands of a gifted surgeon.  There is always a way to remove a vital part of consciousness and tear down a person’s will with a boot on the neck of the victim without mercy.

Here now in this place it is evident that there is a level of hatred that is covered over with a smile, a nod, a handshake toward people without anything to do to defend their lives and families.  We live on the edge of a rude awakening to truth that we are all racists, all victims of turning a blind eye toward injustice of a scope and way that has imprisoned more black men and more people who are innocent than anywhere on earth ever.  We hold in our hands the keys to the cells.  We’ve acted as though we are righteous and have a sense of privilege because we are better.


In fact, we are worse.  Are addiction to power and domination has made America what it is and there is no reconciliation possible, no turning back no place for us to be safe, considering that in our lives we have created this underclass.  We have masked the inequities in quotas, affirmative action, dropout factories, abuse, neglect, truancy, expulsion, robbing the spirit of those who are most vulnerable with violence, fear and intimidation.


White controlled business establishments of higher learning, means to get ahead have always needed to make the appearance that they are inclusive and that everyone belongs.  And yet, there is a predominance of ignorance about how subversive and ruthless our leagues are in keeping poor and limited people from believing that they have a right and a fair chance to succeed.


All institutions should be studying, “The New Jim Crow.”  All people should be led in study groups by people of color to see first hand how we squirm and feel threatened by a shift that inevitably will come and sweep all of us in power out the door into the streets.


The contradiction between what we are doing and how we run our institutions and what will happen in the long run as we move forward will be breath-taking.  Thee will be no prisoners remaining behind their closed and gated communities anywhere.


At last all of the minorities will have a fair chance and God willing they will take the means to witness the changes and find in their hearts reconciliation and not retribution.  They will rise to emulate Nelson Mandela and other sagacious prophets who have come before and treat us with justice then leading us to a new age where everyone is equal before the law, before the social structures, as children, in their beauty and restore grace to the balance of the natural world.


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  1. October 17, 2013 4:11 pm

    confronting the ambiguities of privilege for white people in this economic and social crisis there is no reason to believe that people living in poverty under adverse conditions will be more protected and safe than they have been for the last three centuries. We ariving on the cusp of everything being realigned. People in power who are white will gradually die off. The balance of power is shifting away from privilege and there will be a new order replacing the “New Jim Crow.” Neither the Judicial and Executive Branches nor the Legislative Branch of Goverment can withstand the changes that are unfolding.

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