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Organic Means of Taking Time With Manic Depressive Disorder

December 5, 2013
1.  take time,
2. no day is ever taken for granted
3. grace thanks for being here again today
4. friends reminding me I’m not alone
5. focused activity  like writing, riding, study, looking at new things every day.
6. mom used to say i see a flower i bend down and smell it i feel and say what a beautiful flower
7. meditation or contemplative prayer
8 rituals activities like shabath
9. cleanses eating strictly feeling connected to small amounts of sustenance
10  Living Younger Next Year,  a book about all of this
11.exercise like yoga, even in pain stretching
12. sleep when it is required I am a slave to my body
13. gifts personal special uplifting like a thought to look at like a meta
14.riding my bike, swimming, finding a place of sanctuary
15. becoming still emptying the mind
16. trauma or tension release exercises that cause the psoas muscles to contract voluntarily releasing tension referred to as TRE
17. anything that captures my imagination like beauty, 
18. cooking for others
19. not giving in or up being patient and remembering that you matter even for this moment we are here
20. allowing yourself to look at the edge and let it pass without judgement
21.avoiding stress, crowds, noise anything that over stimulates, knowing where and when I do not need to be there.
22. waking up easily with no clock, no din,
23. taking a long bath and rubbing my scalp my feet my hands, being indulgent with smells that are fragrant.
24.  tumultuous rhythms, dancing, singing, playing laughing, loving and love-making especially.
25. lying in bed and remembering dreams.
26. reflecting on the activities of the day in reverse.
27. special significance of this day, time, season, place, or activity
this is a start an impulse of what you can do there are millions of others.
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  1. December 9, 2013 5:44 pm

    Madiba will be lifted up symbolizing peace and freedom for the world, let us hope that the ledership big and small pays attention.

  2. December 11, 2013 7:10 pm

    mental health and trauma are hand maidens. Many people who suffer from trauma are also living in poverty. They feel that there is no other course but to push on. Often with little expectation of change.

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