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New Year’s Goals and Objectives 2014

December 28, 2013

Human Rights Manifesto for the Best that We Can Offer

2014  Create  safe havens rest stops hygiene centers infrastructure for every child family pet on the Front Range.  

Public private partnership consider and implement new strategies for caring for people by defining all people in emergency situations  outside as disaster  relief.  

Stop separating out families who do not have documentation or denying them fundamental guarantees of safety.


Teach children the value of being citizens  of taking responsibility for the well-being of all life animate or not.


Provide child care, adult literacy, training for everyone at all ages to keep minds invigorated ensuring that everyone lives with dignity.


Make every effort to make sure that people have efficient transportation that is not only economical but environmentally efficient.


Build economies of scale that ensure that every citizen has a way to live decently, live with purpose, have a connection to others that promotes interdependence of everyone.


All objectives have to be upgraded, evaluated, assessed by people who live in the community to determine whether these choices are sound.




Through Motivational Interviewing  make choices that one can live by  sharing them with neighbors, family and friends.


Live is discrete communities block by block taking care of one another regardless of income, circumstances and privileges.




Follow a rigorous discipline of behavior, etiquette, concern for others, ethical standards of care of everything we see touch say and do.


No matter what march on  toward achieving the objectives with grace.


With These Principles We Seek Justice and Peace For All

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  1. December 28, 2013 2:49 pm

    Clear exacting objectives must follow to implement these aims.

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