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All Families Deserve a Chance Coalition Summertime Meeting July, 2015

July 10, 2015

Notes for the meeting of All Families Deserve a Chance Coalition (AFDC) in the new United Way.  July


the Center on Law and Policy 

Chaer hobbled

_Aubrey Hvsold

Casey O’Donnell


_Nancy Morehead


Linda Olson retiring September 1 from 


Human Services Liaison to State Legislature

Bonnie Diehardt Arapahoe County Aurora homeless task force

John Danderund Human Services Network

Elizabeth Horn is in New York

missing Meg who is in Philly

Ms. Kamenetsky no esta


power point apparently

“returning ciizens”  ex-offenders

Pathways out of Poverty October 9 a Friday Colorado Center on Law and Policy


Christine Curley? – DHS

Robert Reich  Common Cause event in the fall


Laurie Harvey no esta

Self-sufficiency Standard  2015


36 states have the standard?

what income families need to make ends meet

transportation, food, child care, rent, utilities, medical costs, employment and taxes – across the state highest cost of living through Colorado.


1.5 times Federal Poverty Level to 4 times higher in Pitkin County.


No county can a person on minimum wage  $8.23 an hour


income bench marks

$2,000.00 less with a child in high school who does not need child care.


Denver comparable to Washington, D.C.  in amount of money that a person needs.


17% increase to 


no slowing of costs in annual cost of living

cost of living has increased three times in last decade

inflation CPI (CONSUMER PRICE INDEX)up 32%  last 14 years




10 largest occupation 1:5 coloradans earn income in these 5 trades  secretaries, customer service, janitor,s relatail, food prep, waiters and people of their ilk.


take home money after taxes 

cliff effect in transportation, child care, housing costs, utilities, incidental costs


Page 21 of the report:  shows total monthly expenses


$5,000.00 a month to live  how much a family has to make to live.  Still takes $1,500.00 if you receive all of the these benefits.


minimum wages they can only meet 34% of their needs.


with benefits they can meet 98%of their needs


ELDERLY  does this take into account medical home, increased medical expenses and the impact of aging and a self-sufficiency standard?


Department of Local Affairs web site listed 


updated elderly standard index


long-term care


no one is helping me self-sufficency standard does not include SUPPORTS from anyone


not culturally relevant to specific ethnic groups

rapidly increasing cost of housing  low vacancy rates


rentals not within the last two years 

median rent is irrelevant Fair rental rate  FMR Fair Market Rate  40th percentile nationally

Denver 50th percentile

Metro Mayor’s Caucus:  a lot of vouchers that are out there creating incentives for providing units at a rate that is reasonable.

Concentrated poverty.


diceminate to the legislature:  Claire does not send things to the legislators until the session  GARY INVESTMENT CORPORATION –  PITON 

Women’s Foundation

Chambers paid for printing

Casey, Chair of AFDC legislative committee  – tracking legislation

Colorado Social Legislative Committee


Nancy is speaking on involvement history

TANF  Seth Clothier  late 90’s

focused ONLY on Poverty

Poverty Reduction Task Force

9 to 5

Hunger Free Colorado


El Centro Humanitario

State Wide Anti-Poverty Network


Cross Disabilities Coalition


Multi-issue coalition


self-sufficiency coalition



community action network


events drive our membership


Colorado Coalition for the Homeless Advocacy and Education


HUGE group here county




not a lot of issues focused on poverty


Senate Bill 177 Senator Boyd


who are allies?


people struggling in poverty  counties’ reserves were growing and growing and growing

women’s Lobby

aging and adult services

Nancy is speaking again: 


Cathy Underhill  –  Hunger Free Colorado


Casey proactive  putting forward  taking a much more active role in supporting legislation


9 to 5 Colorado is working on several fronts


Josiah has come

Bill Hana

Children’s Campaign on Poverty


Mi Casa


second Friday longer meeting lunch half day retreat

Tracey Stewart new position  corporate  Gary Community Invetsment Group


Director of Community Investments for the Family 

Steph Clothier  NCSL  hired at Gary to work on Child Care


meet every other month


Fall people have energy and commitment


Definitely interested in a half day retreat

issues:  blip:  changes to low-income assistance program because a lot of people are not being reached by the enegery assistance program


Energy Assistance Program  Enrique


CCLP does keep these ideas in the fore front

Bell Policy Institute: Steve

Internal retreat who we bring to the table assignments  EXPANDED – September  11.

External Event to bring people together


JAY MORAN  Chief Operating Office Denver Human Services

Don Mares:  Manager of Human Services


Denver Office of Bahavioral Health:  Regina Huerter

E.D. Urban Peak at one time


another child was murdered due to neglect and abuse.

Doug Linkhardt leaving Public Health

Lori Danmiller leaving Parks and Recreation

Derek Okuba:  Community Relations expanded Darius Smith who is for resolving disputes liaison for the community organizations


focused on consumers and poverty


Reggie Beka Department of the Treasury


Alison George is now Director of the Division of Housing


CCLP  affordable housing bill once again

$300,000.00 full purchase ID documents at minimum to process contract

three months out to be reimbursed.


Identifications ID bring a birth certificate if you run out of time.


Linda Olson is speaking about these matters



















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