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China Demonstrating a Lack of Knowledge of History of the US

July 12, 2015

China Fences In Its Nomads, and an Ancient Life Withers


The Chinese government is in the final stages of a 15-year-old effort to transform millions of pastoralists who once roamed China’s vast borderlands.


“We used to carry knives. Now we have to carry keys.”

GERE, a former nomadic herder in western China, lamenting his new life after his family’s forced resettlement into a house


China continuously confounding sense and sensibility emulating the worst aspects of capitalist economic malevolence, military industrial consumption and of course devastation of the indigenous peoples.  added to these blights on the earth are environmental catastrophe and empire building.


How else to follow in the footsteps of the US?  Generating electricity with hydroelectric dams and coal fired plants, while at the exact same time living in a bubble?  No matter what I consume or how I live it has no effect on anything or anyone else? 



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