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Stand With Women Everywhere for Equal Rights, Parity in Every Way

July 15, 2015

9to5 NEWS
July 15, 2015

9to5 Colorado Stands with Women, and we need you to as well!

Women are a bigger part of our state’s–and nation’s–economy than ever before. But at the state legislature this year, equal pay for women and women’s reproductive rights were both dealt setbacks. A commission to help close the pay gap was defunded along with a program credited with lowering our teen pregnancy rate by 40%.

Instead of limiting access to healthcare and the being satisfied with the status quo of income inequality, we should be working to ensure every woman in our state can make her own health and economic decisions–and provide for her family by earning the same pay for the same work as her male counterparts.


It’s time to Stand With Women. 9to5 Colorado is proud to join with our partners at ProgressNow Colorado Education and the Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights (COLOR) to launch the Stand With Women campaign.


Our goals are simple:
  • to support fair and equal reproductive rights for women;
  • abolish maternity and family penalties at work;
  • raise wages and provide equal pay for equal work;
  • and to invest in women and families for a better future.

Join me today. Sign up for more information about the Stand With Women campaign. We’ll help connect you with ways you can help make a difference. This important campaign is here to make meaningful change in the lives of Colorado women and families.


In solidarity,

Bridget Kaminetsky – Colorado Lead Organizer

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