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Economic Social Injustice Is Bigotry

July 28, 2015

9to5 News
National News
July 28, 2015

64 cents — that’s how much an African American woman earns on average compared to every dollar earned by a white, non-Hispanic man.

Women of color across the U.S. face a wage gap affected by both gender and race. An African American woman working full time, year-round, makes on average a whopping $18,650 less each year than a white man working full time, year-round.

Families and communities suffer as a result of the gender/race wage gap. In fact, 38 percent of households headed by African American women live in poverty — that’s more than 1.5 million families. [1]

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Today we recognize African American Women’s Equal Pay Day. This day represents how far into 2015 African American women must work to earn what white, non-Hispanic men earned in 2014 alone. That’s right — all the way until July 28.

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 or joining the Twitter storm today from 2-3pm with the hashtag #BlackWomenEqualPay

Together we will continue fighting for equal pay for all!

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