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Sugar Your Nemesis

August 1, 2015

Suagr Is Your Nemesis


Truly, sugar diminishes the quality of our life.  All of its forms are destructive to our metabolism.  What we need is fresh produce, in which natural sugars are present.  Sugar substitutes are equally catastrophic to our body chemistry.  We have to learn to wean off all processed foods altogether. In order to do this study “Younger Next Year.”  Make a plan to live a regimented life and work hard with a partner to keep focused on the goals.  Long life spans and vibrant, elastic, trim bodies perform better over the course of a life time without as many health costs.  This is evident for non-smokers; those who do not use substances, drink alcohol, or who take over the counter medications for every disorder.  These are all keeping us from resolving to live disciplined and more readily, willingly and ably.  Let us start this day to create a plan to stick to for good.


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NEW YORK, NY - JULY 28: (L-R) Moderator Charles Thorp and filmmaker Damon Gameau attend Apple Store Soho Meet the Filmmaker: Damon Gameau, 'That Sugar Film' at Apple Store Soho on July 28, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)© Getty Images/Getty Images NEW YORK, NY – JULY 28: (L-R) Moderator Charles Thorp and filmmaker Damon Gameau attend Apple Store Soho Meet the Filmmaker: Damon Gameau, ‘That Sugar Film’ at…

At some point, even the most vigilant health nuts have probably wondered what would happen if they ditched their clean eating diets and started eating like the rest of the Western world. How much weight would you actually gain? And more importantly, how crappy would you actually feel?

Australian actor and director Damon Gameau decided to find out—and chronicles the results in his new documentary, That Sugar Film (opens in select U.S. cities and available on iTunes Friday, July 31; learn more at ). For 60 days, Gameau abandons his Paleo-style diet for one that packs 40 teaspoons of added sugar per day, the amount that mirrors the intake of most Australians. The twist? None of the sugar can come from expected sources like candy, cookies, or other treats. Instead, Gameau has to get all of his added sugar from packaged foods that are widely considered to be good for you. Think cereal, granola bars, fruit juice, flavored yogurt, frozen meals or any of these surprising foods that list sugar as the first ingredient.

The story that unfolds feels a lot like 2004’s Super Size Me: Gameu enlists a cadre of experts to track his weight, cholesterol, liver function, and more. At the start, he’s healthier than average, and his docs all issue the usual warnings that his experiment isn’t just crazy—it could be dangerous.

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Exactly how dangerous, though, is anyone’s guess. Which is part of the reason why even though you sort of know how this story’s gonna end, you can’t stand to look away while Gameau’s sugar-fed belly balloons at nearly the same rate as his pregnant girlfriend’s (who sticks to her clean eating ways throughout). Seriously, there’s no way you won’t cringe when you watch him dump spoonfuls of the sweet stuff onto a plain chicken breast—to illustrate just how much sugar is in a packaged chicken meal—and then taking a cloying, crunchy bite.

And when you see the 17-year-old kid whose daily Mountain Dew habit means he needs to have 26 teeth pulled and wear dentures for the rest of his life, you kind of want to cry. Which is why, in the end, That Sugar Film won’t just leave you feeling really good about your own diet. It’ll leave you feeling sad, pissed off, and kind of shocked as to how Big Food still has so many people fooled about the garbage that they’re eating, and getting sicker and sicker as a result.

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