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Logan Studios Journal of Everyday Living

August 3, 2015

Day 1:  door won’t shut again to the building.  The gate was broken off completely a few months ago.  People come in and out like a convenience store.  One person was in the laundry and assumed that they could stay there.  another comes in and out visiting without any resident ushering him in.  Several people come up and down the steps from one dwelling like this is a hot spot on the Internet for whatever you desire.  Trash is strewn in laundry, on steps, in the planters and a person deficated at the entrance appearing to grind their waste into the pavement.  Have to go up and down the stairs at all off peak times to clean, mop, and shake out the mats.  There isa definite odor to the trash like stale rotting refuge. Have to change out the bags disinfect the container, scrub the walls and spray lysol on the can and area.  The sink has a loose trap and the sink is precariously poised to drain.  Have to be careful to clean out the mops.  There is no mop sink. This is a plastic tub in the laundry room.  Often buts down to the nubs are strewn on the floor and around the entrance.  There are hundreds of buts from the end of Colfax all the way down the street.  The flower bed has been denuded and all the earth removed. One lilly survived.  If you pick up the trash you have to be alert for needles and glass. The corner on the parking lot by the building is used for a bathroom.  Often the shooters, the fifths, the refuse is thrown in the mix of foul urine and fecies.  Trash is sticking out of the fence, hung on the gate, left in the gutters along with paraphenalia to get off, including scrubers of pots because they’re used for lighting the crack and smoking as a filter for the pipes made from a hollow pen.  There are three pounds of the wooly pot scrubbers in my home as a way of demonstrating how much use there is.  Then there are enough fifths and cans of beer for a large party that are left all over.  Welcome to the blog on what’s happening!



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