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People Living in Public Places – Toilets and Where They’re Located

August 14, 2015

Toilets  where they go and what you do to maintain them. Councilwoman Kneich,  Evan Dryer Mayor, Neighborhood representatives, city officials,

police, others.


We all agree there have to be public places to go to the bathroom.


Working group wishing to be more informed and engaged.  Program public spaces. 


$$$  funding opportunities something that is sustainable

working group formed earlier. evaluated best practices throughout the world.

public restrooms in San Francisco going on for twenty years.


where people are moving  using infrastructure

efficiencies  we want something better and sustainable.


fixed facilities advertising for the portable facility in Tenderloin.  Attendants are required mandatory.

more security for the facilities and there is a need to make this permanent.

timeline:  activating existing facilities  mobile facilies by 2016.

Network  amenities to use downtown more easily

activating current facilities:  there are closed bathrooms

Market Street Station and Civic Center Station

what comes first  Skyline?  Facilities that have been closed will be opened.

They will have attendants at all the facilities.

retro fitting with needle drop box

Pavillions and other outdoor facilities have been places where toilets are located. Pavillions had security issues at their facilities.

Private has a place where we would bring an attendant

Commons open in summer but not winter

Union Station open

Skyline open

Pavillions you can get a key

Cvic Center Station  is open

Sonny Lawson:  concrete restroom  open when ball field is open

There is one at Blair Caldwell Library

River North Park:  planning for facilities.  Lawence Community Center, toilets closer to the sidewalk.


Tattered Cover Book Store is a site where anyone can go.

Barnes and Noble Book Store 

Civic Center bathrooms at the Ampitheatre and McNichols Bathrooms

Capitols State and City and County of Denver


Park curfew is 11 pm

Attendants are available all of the time and holidays

Question?  attendant rest rooms have limited times when they’re open San Francisco has a curfew of 11 pm

Temporary and Permanent:  hygiene, cost effective, safety

automated facilities:  Portland Blue the automated facilities break down stainless steel hand sanitizer louvre you can check them out open air field minimal small foot print 12 ‘ 6’ wide hose them down

don’t hang out in them.  Only a bathroom.

San Francisco:  They break down.  service fails automated  retractable seat that is retractable  time limited for 5 minutes.


200K  for automated toilets.

portable designs  Tenderloin Pit Stop  –  attendant  rules posted on the side 5 minutes  dog waste disposal  needle disposal  not ADA accessible at the moment.

Little sink higher end they truck in and take it out daily  and then it is serviced  attendant on the site is helpful.

Trailer model 40K  Tenderloin version is half of that.

attendant for 18 hours 18 to 20K annually for attendant

pumping costs for mobile toilets

these are two parking spaces 24 ‘.

they evaluate the use and whether it is a good location.

make it less ugly and obtrusive.  Loo on bottom left are fitting into a place that is attractive.

create a lobby that could be adjacent to the portable toilet.

we need to consider a nocturnal issue that is possible to use late and early in the morning

Ambassadors  can be located at these places who have been homeless or who are homeless.

Costs additional $.

more foot traffic you have the more success.

Central Business Districts where there are more people.

Urban Design of Skyline Park there are cultural issues and balancing goals medical and problems about social justice complicated holistic approach to solving these matters.

walking to parks work entertainment sports arenas, Bus Station, many sites throughout the central corridor.

People coming out from the bars in LODO cannot urinate on the wall. self regulations

Pilot Phase:  

people who are transient who are in alleys and openings of businesses

Emily is facilitating this meeting

people who run the trails have a need to use facilities. Confluence Park.

pedestrian movements of all groups changes the use.

resident homeless people and travelers and people who move around.

trash cans make absolutely no difference to most people who throw whatever they have in any manner on the street even when there are trash cans on every corner

bus service increased the use and numbers of people using the services


16th street mall Stout Champa rail lines  all the way from 17th to 14th sts.

Federal Building Complex could these bathrooms be available?


Activate existing facilities is that sufficient for the demand?


defacto protection based on camping ban!  100K  to place 4 loos on the mall that are portable

clearly that has not been the case there has been a lot of impact.  First let us be quiet and listen

we’re focused on the infrastructure 

we have to consider the 16th Street Mall is a destination. We have to put the loos in certain locations near the transit stops  California, Stout Street.  Make these places along the outside of the mall.


It is Friday.


need to go to the next meeting.


in September there will be the next meeting. Evan Dryer stated.

ACTIVATION:  Better Rewards incentives most inclusive businesses awards for their involvement.







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