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Notes Colorado Social Legislation Committee Annual Retreat 2015

August 22, 2015


Colorado Social Legislative Committee Retreat 2016

At Blue Spruce Town homes.

Attendance: Randle Loeb, Dave DeLay, Katy Fleury, Chaer Robert, Nan Morehead, Bill Hanna, Kay Bengston, Bridgid Higdon, Mark Turner, Diane Rich, Rebekka Sturik, Jennifer Gremmert, Doug Wayland, Chris Hines, Bridget Kamenetsky, Jennifer Corrigan, Amanda Henderson? Or representative from Inter-faith Alliance Legislative Liaison with State Department of Human Services

Good summer:

programs 2016: budget and expectations for 2016

Natalie Mulis: legislative Council Liaison- John Zeigler, Joint Budget Comm Staff Director

Panels on interim committees Early Childhood school readiness Commission – Education.

Aid to the Needy and Disabled : John Kefalas was involved in this panel.

February – Morgan Carroll did not make it she was invited Amanda Henderson

Interfaith Alliance collaborated with CSLC. Karen Middleton from NARAL Planned

Nathan Woodruff Stanley

Juvenile Justice snow day cancelled a Monday luncheon

Older Coloradoans – Senator Crowder task force on aging actually passed legislation

Representative Primavera, attended –

Juvenile Justice Diane organized – Charletta mother of child who was murdered

Sean Taylor Incarcerated youth Kim National juvenile justice

Bridgid flexible work places, Erin Bennett, Corine Rivera Fowler,

retirement security: Bell Policy – Bill on Coloradoans saving enough for retirement, Represenative Pettersen, Tim Gaudet, Rich Jones, Mark Turner, Bill PiED

Amber Burkhart CCHI Health Care for All Colorado Representative Athgar,

Randle’s Session Senator Kefalas: DHOL nut cases, People Living in Public Places

Aid to Salazar – no show –

Colorado Fiscal Institute: Budget cuts because of the revenue seasaw

Office of Consumer Council: Stands up for consumers at the Public Utilities Commission

if the commission is disbanded then what would come there after?

Bill came out smooth as silk sailed through only bill that was able pass.

HOUSING: Claire Levy unclaimed money for property vouchers

MEDIA and LEGISLATURE la ultima panel: Reporters Mark Miller Hudson, Jenny,

celebration at the house of Bill Hanna

finances: Normally Elizabeth Horn:

fall meetings: Legislative LOBBYIST LUNCHEON


ELECT OFFICERS September Meeting is a general meeting to elect officers and executive committee.

Interim Committees:

  • Early Childhood and School Readiness –
  • School safety –
  • Vocational Rehabilitation –
  • Commission for the Blind


Chaer Robert Fall Forum: Elena, Mark and Chaer met to discuss whether there would be a Forum: Ballot Issue Matter Religious Liberty proposed for 2016 in November election

over time rule: Proposed: where there is a federal rule says you can’t say people are exempt from over time. 50K a high number of employees used to cover the vast majority of workers. Many people are supervisors who work for 60 hours a week. Pay scale is meager.

Don’t have to pay overtime if they are registered as a professional

Department of Labor wishes to enact this legislation. 25K to 50K

combine this issue with MINIMUM WAGES

Overtime and minimum wage there are timing issues with a ballot initiative.

September 4 comments are due

#2 Health Care what hasn’t been done where are we with the uninsured?

ACA affordable care act.

Senator Aguilar: Universal Health Care for Colorado. Getting elected was insufficient to achieve this Voters will decide by putting this on the ballot.

Ken Connell Health Care for All Colorado. Different but similar issue

organizing TR REID – 2 games here for universal health care government or private provider.

Introduction training planning advocacy academy: Notice that people could send individuals colleges and universities basics of advocacy bottom line magnet to attract people younger audience be trained in advocacy students certificate of attendance and matriculation. Recruit new members of the Colorado Social Legislative Committees

FEBRUARY 8 Interfaith Alliance is doing their lobbying day

Branding the Social Legislative Committee. Human SERVICES NETWORK day training on advocacy. HUMAN SERVICES NETWORKS does training for non-profits

Similar thought as others visibility incorporate panelist find out what we do. Don’t pull together a forum on our own.

A lot of trainings out there why is this one relevant what makes this make more sense

Mark Non-Profit Colorado: certification program offered Colorado Cross Disability Coalition.

ALL SALES PEOPLE IN MEDIA take a test and are certified as marketing consultants

Skills to Compete: recognized or worth something to potential employer.

Budget update: what is happening with Grass law suits provider fee Governor is moving ahead, Colorado Fiscal Institute Budget Works

First legislative session

Alternatively called Affordable Housing and can we afford to live here anywhere focus on affordable Housing. HOUSING COLORADO

Division of Housing Alison George, FRESC, KNEICH, other cities, CCLP unclaimed vouchers, construction defects, mobile home, tiny homes, safe havens, emergency housing, living at home living in place medical home, energy outreach influence, making your home energy efficient.

Biennial of the Americas: had a lot on these subjects.

People Living In Public Places: people with no opportunity to live in any domicile.

Colorado Housing Champions funding entity, $ raised in $50.00 to influence the legislators who are champions of affordable housing.

#5 AFFORDABLE HOUSING FOR older people: Triple A 17 units in Delta County.

Nursing homes, people who require special services, medical home,

#6 transportation and housing west line a lot of housing close to the rail stops access to housing and jobs

MILE HIGH CONNECTS and 9 to 5 renter’s rights survey tied to TRANSPORTATION National Housing TRUST FUNDS.

Do a fall forum: spring tour looking at facilities.

Conversations about affordable housing – can we afford to live anywhere?

Housing vouchers for over 30% Area Mean INCOME

Housing is the most volatile issue that is facing us in this climate of economic pressure and loss of places for people to live anywhere.

I think that we should sell an idea on housing!

BILLS FROM LAST SESSION RELATED TO THIS! Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Denver, Durango, Utah’s approach to homeless.

Claire Levy does CCLP want to be an active part. All partners have to be included.

Senator Kefalas could be a person to be included

amount of work involved is significant

show case members of CCLP who are engaged in Housing.

Multi-day conference on housing “SPECTRUM” CONTINUUM of CARE

CHAER FALL FORUM featuring the work of the organization with input on housing

HOUSING FIRST Energy OUT REACH COLORADO low income housing projects,

9 to 5 renter organizing. Disability community who in Senior Boulder County Senior affordable housing. Connected member

charette on developing public spaces throughout Colorado

unanimous decision to do this forum

FALL MEETING MONDAY LUNCH MEETING ELECTION MEETING: at 1st Baptist CHURCH program ideas not tied to legislation: 28th. @ noon until 1 p.m. ANNUAL MEETING


legislative council meeting November 10 to consider iterim committee reports

legislative awards: Bridget Will and Diane

Senator Pat Steadman life time award-winning

Senator Grantham documents to get an ID senate bill 109 developmental disabilites

member of joint budget comm.

Representative Petterson from the House: Jefferson County was homeless child support bill will be busy at noon for them to receive these awards. Give them these awards in their offices set up an appointment.

representative LANDGRAFF – employment services for veterans 1379 women respite care.

People who receive them in the past did not receive their awards pick up their awards

put these in the mail for those who did not receive their awards.

Never works to give them an award at a meeting just give it to them.

First meeting in January, 2016

4 in 12 minutes 2 minutes 17 sec acceptance

mark and Nan will work with the check book. Nan is the treasurer.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE: Bill Sigrid and Nan: not final report: KAY

new position as immediate past chair, CHAER new chair Peter Severson new Vice Chair

Lutheran Advocacy member, in Chicago, Amber Burkhart will be the Secretary. Nan Morehead Treasurer. Diane Chris co chair legislative committee coordinate legislative positions.

TWO holes Communications: number of years Terri MacMaster: works from home. Volunteering for HUMAN TRAFFICKING. Communications sends out weekly reminder what the program is and ONE TIME putting together the directory in February: communications CHAIR membership CHAIR prioritizing memberships

new executive Jill, DAVE,

google groups transfer communicate outside the meeting.

Take care of tasks. We all have that responsibility

always doing recruiting: shared responsibility I’ll take your money!

Check the mail has been treasurer Nan does this

only one authorized to sign checks Nan and Chaer will be added to the list at the Marion Street Station.

Bridget will do membership:

Katie and I will work with Bridget on communications and memberships

we will coordinate together on everything dealing with

Stephanie Clothier: working with Denver Foundation Children’s campaign

I may have no choice if I find a full time occupation.

Is there anyway in which I can attend the soiree of 9 to 5?

is there anything else that we can accomplish?


PROGRAMS for 2016:

Evie Hudak Child welfare

behavioral health

criminal justice

criminal justice reform

work place barriers

privatization of prisons corporations

work place reform

entering the work place

disabilities and access

disabled parking

municipalities are opting out of disabled parking

change the constitution correctional institute in Constitution

industries cannot get into skills developmental

Mental health of dangerous persons and where they can go for supports

Son runs program in Buena Vista fish farm whole foods buys their topics closing the mines pine beetles

competing for workers they are competing with the private sector some are transferable and others are not useful.

Who does not earn the minimum wage sheltered workshop

automated the workers and accelerating displacement of workers guaranteed incomes and other issues interrelated.

What we do effects people we are way behind in exploiting people and having them work for little or no income if they look at the issue of

MARY JANE – social impact Dr. Bruce Mendelssohn is an expert Nachshon Zohari. Research done at the moment on MJ. Not being able to bank the money and laundering.

Topic Multi-modal transportation cars walking bike lanes buses pedestrians taking back the right of way in the thoroughfares.

9 to 5 increase different ways of transportation. Disincentives that exist. Do these programs provide information that this has on people

veterans issues: VA Medical Center: Colorado Mills: Lego store, build that VA Hospital with legos. Multiple issues jobs for returning vets credential training PTSD and MJ. Jennifer and I were in a meeting developing a continuum of care for housing.

License plate bills focus on something else aside from

Appropriate use of GI funds certificates of educational people who are going into debt with these simple private schools adequate how many students have been placed in jobs

effecting impacting low-income veterans, leveraging income for one population and not for everyone

Racism is an issue that needs to be addressed among cultural groups who have been stolen and enslaved and destroyed BLACK LIVES MATTER: national issue and locally in these parts. Police accountability and what can be done to level the playing field for all minorities.


DEATH committee Penalty Capitol Punishment

ASSISTED SUICIDE: Death with dignity assisted homicide

we have to do much more advocacy

democratic process:

extremism on the scene in politics one party the Democratic Party and the republicans are all extremists.



losing jobs to corporate issues part time contracted labor

state level laws that are in the federal laws on mining safety fracking quality of life

child care

HUNGER attention on use of JBC performance difference in counties HUNGRY FREE COLORADO 150K food stamp out reach

cost of social investment on housing family options permanent housing voucher and much more effective

SNAP food and nutrition number of programs that are available food stamps had money to recruit people to the program, child nutrition. Food breakfasts in the program.

Varieties of programs addressing hunger. Operating on the state level that come through the federal government

Strategic plan on aging report to the Joint Budget Committee NOV. 2016 and 17

program on ________________________________

chemicals sugar in good food GMOS

senior law: new legislation hospice care making sure that a person has what they want and what they want gets done.

ILLNESS at Pharmacy “restless leg syndrome”

drones: invasion of personal privacy, the Internet as a way of snoop on a person

changing demographics in COLORADO state demographer can make a presentation.

Travelers who have come here to get high.

Snowden revelations: information being stolen

merchandizing your data and making it impossible to live without being labeled and used as an object.

Not enough money for school K – 12 education. Not enough money for early childhood education.

Thorough and uniform education for every child in K-12.

Lavato law suit dealt with facilities spending less per child in rich counties

senior issues: key issue for the nation post world war birth rate health issues are we prepared for these changes in numbers of workers and reduction of need

how do you best address the needs for people.

Increase of silver Tsunami

I am in the (0) generation

ALLE discussion on the Millennials central christian church 10.00 members of the church 0 for visitors next Wednesday.

Renewable energy wind farms July was the hottest month ever

GUN CONTROL public health and safety issue

# of deaths that are taking lives and destroying the lives of young people

2nd amendment protect ourselves from the government if they suppress us.

Police para military have a lot of means of preventing us from doing anything to protect ourselves

Legal services for low-income citizens lack of access all of the barriers of one record sealed , or a barrier of credit and income. Cost of preventing people from getting a job

what can be added and reporting this to whom?

Chicano White Privilege – Black Lives Matter – racial justice SURGE: trainings – take a look inside – acknowledging how we look at each other. Bill Hanna – demographer to come is not as hard to do:

September we build a bed Hispanic community culture Richard Martel Shannon Francis, moderator Diane Rich.

Legalization of Grass. Demographics. I’d like to ask the question about who is impacted by the issues:

back up program and change the date.

Elizabeth Garner is the demographic person

fall forum on this subject of racial justice.

Population projections meeting the needs of people


quality of life neighborhoods and neighbor step

program in OCTOBER depending on when the Fall Forum how much lead time

police accountability on racial profiling. NAACP ANGELA WILLIAMS.

WOMEN’s ISSUES what is going on with equal rights for women on all levels and circumstances.

September 18th next Executive Committees

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