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2,300 Gives Pause to Ask What For and What Now?

August 23, 2015

2,300 Gives Pause to Ask What For and What Now?


There have been many contributors to these pages and posts.  There has been extensive controversy regarding the subjects and the purpose of the blog.  Often people have attempted to log on in order to promote business interests.  These have been scrubbed.


We’re looking for more provocative and serious commentaries on the daily struggles of people who are living in poverty throughout the world.  We’re  looking for solutions to the growing cascade of wealth that is concentrated in the hands of a small fraction of the world’s populace.  There have to be ways aside from violence for us to save ourselves from the 4 horsemen.  We must seek unclothing of opulence of their raiment of riches and distribute these invaluable resources equitably.  We have to at the same time preserve the earth not for ourselves but for posterity for all life.  


In order to accomplish these aims we have to end all forms of abuse both of others and the pillaging of the earth.  We must heed the scholars and states people who emphasize that we are at the last 2 minutes before a nuclear melt down and the annihilation of everyone; leaving the earth to insects that are more formidable than we are.

If we cry out like a voice in the wilderness we are doomed.  We have to be still, present and listen.  This blog is devoted to finding a way to remember our origins and how fragile life is and how thin the veil is that we have surrounding the earth.  Let us hold hands and embrace and turn our swords into ploughshares. Let us eat less and meditate more. Let us for go the dreams of wealth and dominance; promoting the safety and well-being of all life. Let us begin.



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