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PIT 2016 January 25 POINT

August 26, 2015

how we look at the issues talking to VA about a small grant centered on Veterans gathering information  hiring some veterans  contract will be going through next month.

VOA VA regional convening every veteran who is connected to street out reach


VOA will hire and manage the peers.

Boots on the Ground

other population efforts.  HOW DO WE REGIONALLY DO STREET OUT REACH Comitis is doing street out reach there is some in Boulder. Stand down in November.  

Doing a BETTER COUNT. How well we marshall and train volunteers.


do training at PHC 15 on November 17.


consistent tool that remains true to the year in year out collection of data. 


people are introducing themselves  Chris Conner,  Joe Baker, May washburn  Family Tree, Kendall Rhames, Linda Barringer,  2006 she began being involved,  Autumn Gold,  Kristin Toombs  is new homeless coordinator with the Division of Housing,  NYC 2005 has a son, Office of Homeless Youth Services.  2006, counting young,  Urban Peek  years ago,  2001, Kelly Winters street 180 outreach de Nueva York,  Comitis,  Jay Reynolds, Amanda Trujillo  MDHI 2 years,  Human Services,  Arapahoe County adminsitrator,  Moises Children Hospital Denver,  PIT couple agencie, Michelle Lapidow  Veterans, Sharon Duwaid City of Aurora, a long tim,  Katy Fleury CCH coordinating PIT. Claire Carmen  Boulder Cty 2009  Attention Homes,  


touch points with the timeline:  looking at survey.  What we liked about it and what we did not anything leap out –  weather issues  homeless # who was in transition and who was in a shelter,  

Veterans not per diem in Aurora
FIRM THAT DOES DATA ENTRY:  logistics was a nightmare.

No Matter what the weather to ensure consistency.

Family Consistency what they are dealing with.

one of the dynamics that as always been an issue is how to collect data.

Not as Many volunteers

HOW we did the survey hard to get volunteers change the way that we are doing this survey

just on homeless people as opposed to people at risk who were homeless. Youth identifying


FISBY  how to count these children who are doubled up


families living in motels  we don’t use as homeless

excluded groups that are vulnerable.

training critical issue

observation questions  is that helpful  was the data useful?

Public face on these numbers.

1,000 people were not engaged or refused to participate

of course this number is not accurate  these numbers are not vetted.

Chris _ muted report was not much public out reach and publicity

DISAGREE  commentary

Need better way of assessing these numbers

Focus last year meeting HUD definition  It does not inform us as much as trending.

community would say that this is the count and the exact number.  Not an accurate picture


I HAVE a definite difference of numbers and who is homeless but we are meeting the need 

not as much to compare to

srrong infrastructure in Denver hard time working on PIT in Denver

Jeffco we spent all of our Time on Colfax went out to the outlying areas.

2013 Mr Claybaugh was in a shelter  safeway gift cards there was a lot of duplication

Autumn  VI SPDT:  200 people in surveys.


did the PIT who would not normally have participated.

Recapture it was a nightmare

any time we do something new we have chaos.

doing survey was much easier and clearer.

way worded was smoother. 9 K purchase incentives  in January last year

everyone survived.


get a good count


scope of this count target groups. some people camping go far out and into the countryside


Rhino Status is not on HMIS until October. FISBY recipients cannot participate in the count this is inaccurate.  we pulled many people who are younger than 18.  They are making a determination.  Not ready to make a decision about under age population.



unaccompanied youth every month strong commitment meeting monthly. they are already making this a priority



Frisby  counts doubled up and counch surfing.

all different focal groups.

winter time is not the best time to count the people on the street.  

summer you can more easily find the people

Josh Arapahoe County Coordinators


At RISK  countled

politically  education homeless liaisons, we are not participating we do our ow counts


Do a pilot with one school dstrict.

will not get 100%

ask if PIT asn’t all PIT would we be concerned of putting effort  in this  streamline beuild a better way to collect data,

earlier they did a survey in LA county

all at risk in the surrounding counties


Aurora HAS 1 Shelter

12 million dollars HPRP 

confidence that we are rea

as  30, 000 annualy expense


Clay just stepped out 

how can we realistically get more volunteers.

How can we cover the turf?

Go to places like jail hospital places fortemporary shelter.

less than 90 days they are not considered homeless


protocol:  lengthen the gtime frame when we can make the count.  most of the numbers that we could increase the time frame using them as much as we could

MONTH to measure out reach population

why not do a summer and winter count?


do your PIT one night this month coordinated count worked with youth centers and schools.


Separate at risk count.  Take a longer time same night use two separate counts.


“AT RISK”  how do we define this point.  HUD defining issue.  Claire decided a specific age group population.


Strategically straight up count according to HUD  At Risk communities metro Mayor’s Caucus.  Straight up and then we count a more accurate understanding of who is homeless.


Methodology different than PIT.

all volunteers again  people tire out

federal government targeting resources for youth and families and we have to brind these resources to this count.


Katy:  agree Chris concentrated for  people were not homeless on January 28.  better ways to collect data of 26,000 youth state-wide.

multiple counts of one person to count people  funding is a hardship

only transitional housing comes from HMIS

Jossh – mark at risk as a brush stroke a mechanism to count a gesture of who is homeless


Franklin James conducted the first earliest suvey of homeless state-wide. Tracy D’alanno was working in data collection at the time.  It was the golden era of collecting data and we were able to get state funding from the Department of Local Affairs.


Only target a small percentage of the people who have been homeless.


X  only those who met the definition of HUD

X restricted survey 

X straight up PIT

  • X PIT and at RISK chosen scope of committee

X PIT and At Risk at a Different TIME!

X for HUD and $ pro rata need




targeted populations:  each targeted  group could ask certain populations.


who is not here who needs to be present and involved in the planning?


defend them from interfering with the use of the data when the data comes out.


Who is not here




Special populations



Domestic Violence


Health System

not strictly HUD definition

SCHOOLS  youth and populations

numbers of the youth who are in the school system on this night their data is not useful for the same night that a person is homeless.

DETOX   Denver Cares

in New York designated shelter for an evening emergency rooms  shetler definition a disaster services site. Not worth going because there is no place to count them and access the  information. targeted groups that are identifying as places where homeless people are found.


frequency of meetings:  MONDAY JANUARY 25.PIT   ON MONDAY NIGHT


Every other week meet.  next meeting at this time.

end of October drop dead time for the PIT to be STANDARDIZED

6 am  or 1 pm to 3 pm  NEXT MEETING   sept 23  oct. 7 21  Nov.  4  18  Dec. 2 16 meeting dates.  after a certain date that we cannot change anything!


Marketing is a target:  establish a time line touch point fro year before.


JOE BAKER LINDA BARRINGER send information to

meeting earlier and make decisions 






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