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My Mother and Father When They Were Married in 1941

August 27, 2015

MY Moher an MY Father in 1941 when they were young and married during World War II Dad served in the army in Italy.

I miss their presence.


August 1941: My parents were married 74 years ago today (Aug. 26, 1941) in Florence, S.C. They eloped. This is a picture of them in their wedding clothes — whether just before or after their marriage, I don’t know. I believe it was taken in the backyard of my grandparents’ home at 648 E. Chelten Ave. in Germantown, Pa. As far back as I can remember, my parents fought — or at least, my mother fought with my father, who did nothing that I can recall to fight back. But she sure looked happy that day, and she often said there was no one but my father that she wanted to marry, though other men asked her. I believe that. There are many mysteries in this world.


Mother also

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