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Coordinating Committee: Reunion Agosto en 2015 de Metro Denver Homeless Initiative

August 28, 2015


I just learned of Stephen’s passing and just wanted to send a couple of thoughts your way.  I will unfortunately be unable to attend the Memorial this week as I am out of the country but wanted to make sure I shared a few things with you.  I have been thinking about him a lot today and I will be there in spirit on the 30th
Stephen is one of the reasons we created Denver’s Road Home.  In fact, Steven was what Denver’s Road Home was all about.  It was about getting the community involved and genuinely engaging leaders to help us house the homeless. 
The first week I started working with then Mayor Hickenlooper and Roxane White, Stephen was in our offices telling us about the cold weather shelters and the need to make sure everyone had a place to go on cold nights.  He understood the science, and he understood the humanity behind ending homelessness.  Stephen was articulate and he was vocal and he was stubborn as hell… especially when it came to services for the homeless. 
And he showed up. 
He showed up to our committee meetings.  And he showed up to our commission meetings.  He showed up to Project Homeless Connects and he showed up to City Council meetings.  And he was very much a part of the housing and the services that Denver created for the homeless.  He was a colleague and an advisor; he was a critic and an advocate; but most importantly he was a friend.  He was a friend to me and to Denver’s Road Home and the homeless men and women and children of our community and he will be deeply missed. 
Much love, jamie
He was homeless for a time!  He was the first resident of The Forum Apartments. He lived there from 1997 until the time he went to a Boulder Nursing Home in Hospice. He died from Cancer.  He was a principle in the Blue Ribbon Committee  that Nan Morehead Chaired.  He was instrumental in editing the Denver Voice and making it the best newspaper that Denver has ever seen and read.  He edited especially the Poetry of the Streets.
Bridgehouse opening September 15 at 10 a.m. Tuesday.  Will house 44 people  men and women.  Two stories at 4747 Table Mesa Road in Boulder.  off Highway 36.
70 units Westminster station at Federal and 91st.  all are low-income .
Laura Ware Bayaud
Cameron  Metro Community Provider Network
Lindi Sinton
Isabel McDermitt
SOAR  two day training twodays $250.00 for taking the course.
Angie Nelson  Denver’s Road Home  November 17 Project Homeless Connect
Information table
VOA opened veterans Bill Daniels Service Center  1247 Sanata Fe  two stories,  15 community partners
Shelly Hines  Jewish Family Service
2018 breaking down SUN VALLEY PROJECT   across the street from EarthLinks
Tom Luehrs  Supporting housing 14th and Clarkson 50 units break ground first quarter next year.
Different counties  start dates who will be served
Molly Ream
Randle Loeb 
Deborah  Catholic Charities
John Claybaugh:  AIDS WALK COLORADO  largest fund raising event in Colorado 26 people who were counted this year with AIDS
first time in 9 years Mr. Claybaugh is a diswasher in Three Tomatoes in Lone Tree
NOFA not out todavia.  Notice of Funding Opportunity in HUD Continuum
JOB  Communications and budget and funding at MDHI
Recruiting VISTA Volunteer Aurora and MDHI
work experience  computer skills needed
Peer Navigator Project
Jefferson and Boulder Counties
Bridgehouse  peer navigator through the Denver Foundation
connecting is medicaid health care complex system
second peer navigator
3 year grant work with Cameron and Jefferson County
Claire Calahan from employment specialist Attention Homes
Angie Nelson  all shelter providers talking about planning not determined emergency shelter on Peoria that may be available in this winter.
long-term emergency shelters are involved in exploring Recreation Centers as a place for overflow.
Samaritan House and Rescue Mission are the staging areas.
Boulder Shelter October 1 opening for emergency shelter lottery at 5 pm  after 6 they’re not guarenteed.  27 faith community sites BOHO Boulder Out reach Homeless Opportunity.  NOVEMBER to MARCH EVERY NIGHT OPEN
ADAMS COUNTY:  October through Marchor April the FAITH COMMUNITIES.
Broomfield counties are not represented in this meeting
Gary Sanford appointed by the Governor as a representative on the DRCOG Board non voting member
Metro Mayor’s Caucus – cold weather emergency planning
SSVF  meeting with MDHI veteran service registry  shorter survey binding list of veterans who are homeless.  BOOTS ON THE STREET _  incentives any connections in this area will be gratefully accepted.
Employment Committee – Laura Ware.  Ready to Work Stakeholder meeting is confirmed.  Infiltrating with food and employment 
Second Employment MEETING Service Well Training Program catered event.
impressed with Serve Well Training working with fod and being certified as handlers in profession.  Bring employers and service providers together,  diverse job seekers and connect with people who have difficult ways to be hired.  
Tammy Bellafoto fifty employers for Project Homeless Connect.  we will train to a standard consistency and effort to keep the training with employers in reference to each other.
ancillary activity  that is important relationship building not just getting people immediate jobs how can we work with the Sports Authority potential long term support.  A lot of potential training job platform.  Job matching 
Next meeting at New Veteran offices of the Volutneers of America:  room for 250  October 2 8:30 to 10 am.  Lindi’s place.  First friday every other month.
basis in early Spring.
OPEN DEBATE:  How to hire difficult people to train and get work  can’t get employed
Hire anyone who is connected to a service.  Would this enrich the work opportunites and efforts to hire people with an accountablity measure.
who can follow directions  POST employment standards
Ready for employment  certain standards at different sitessome sort of coordinating.
How can we support efforts of the employment plans –  Giant Vendors who will hire the people in the community  SYNTOS is one example.
larger employers
Home Depot  working with them they have stores in every county
Whole Foods
Sports Authority
Besides vendors most of us do things in other settings faith communities  we can network with diverse places and people to find meetings
first 2 weeks that you feel scared to death that you’ll screw up  homeless 8 years, drinking,
work on keeping up with the dishes  dish pit you’re doing a great job  driven by emotions and not fear.  
community Social Enterprize Alliance  National Summit 15 to the 17th market place of social enterprizes.  registration fees looking for business ideas.  held at different sites around the region NATIONAL ORGANIZATION
someone cares that you’ll get to the other side. second anniversary 3CE  SEpt. 17 4 to 5:30  on Federal  build temporary site in that area. Thursday 4 to 5:30
Jefferson 900 Jefferson County Parkway can be screened for social security benefits
using SOAR program turn around is 5 months at the outset  normally it is at least 9 months to get SSI
CAHPS:  Coordinating Assessment Housing Provider System
Leadership Team CDT
Denver’s Road Home
Rene getting everything ready sustainability review  how are we doing with coordinated entry
JULY # people housed 9 non veterns 29  altogether  56 – 29 = 27.   VI-SPDAT will be down until Monday for surveys.
Wide community participation  coordinated assessment   Liaison service administrator  first agency liaison August 5 early October another agency training
Evaluation sub group Community sustainability Training report.  Tuesday the First will be meeting.
Julian and John Family Tree collaborative funding source to continue through the next year.
pre match queue  call them up for housing John and Julian get their documentations in place.  They walk through all the way with the person.
Permanent Housing Bonus regional structure running out of CCH Arapahome Boulder Broomfield Family Tree for Jefferson and Douglas Counties  they meet regularly with John and Julian.
for shorter wait times for getting people in their apartments front end support.
This is providers for services  not general landlords Portal  for matching the agency.  Navigators are doing the match.
Permnent Supporting Housing  9 people have been transitioned 6 more 120  people eventually will be leased up.  HUD  start and then traasnfer them to permanent housing  in 6 months have to lease up everyone.
Josh is working from home doing the sustainability REVIEW Tuesday Morning what is going well First of September  Platform for coordinated assessment is insufficient  Piloting HOME LINK that works with HMIS.
working through Rocky Mountain Human Services through a pilot with Veterans  beginning of January expanding the system
Providers working with YOUTH are developing Google Platform and ultimated Home Link.  all same components they don’t score high in SPDAT.  Division of Housing MDHI URBAN PEAK< VOA, Brother’s Development, Family Tree, the Gathering Place
Metro Mayors Caucus  ATLAS 500 units challenged 
50K plus for an incentive fund  pay for the down time in rent and damages
55 landlords are committed  Brother’s Redevelopment
rent caps on vouchers  Brothers has a portfolio that they are using.
one place in Denver, Aurora, Arapahoe, Adams Conty rent lower win over the landlords
Leadership Team 25 Cities Board of Directors:  Division of Housing something operational.  PLANNING GRANT  they receive 200K annually from HUD.
APPLY for up to 600K  300K  coordinated assessment planning staff
overarching roles:  
more $ because there are more projects  CoC’s would be able to ask for a certain % of their portfolio.
Renewable  is it permanent.  Does not this have to do with politics and will of the government the Congress.
funded now what is the balance with infrastructure  can it be from another source. Denver’s Road Home funded Rene’s position for a year  out at the airport there is a vestibule for change receptacle forDenver’s ROAd Home travelers at the airport. 88K through this alone
use at RTD BUS  little kids little kids turn the key and change comes out  Denver’s Road Home steps up and has helped with other resources.
Centralized system one no if it is no  get on a list and get on a list so there is a yes  matching system and coordinated in cities and counties  typically have someone who is in the 7 counties and we have been able to ascertain what is going on in each of the counties we are on each other’s wave length.
Melanie Emily Dicherson did an evalutation  worked on this at their retreat and also at the 25 cities meeting 7 county system  boiled down to five bullets
  • Training and Use of Common Assessment tools
  • Matching with Resource Voucher Units
  • Finding Units to use Vocher navigation
  • Follow through to Lease Navigation
  • Retention Support

where will all of this be housed or located and who will be taking the lead the decisions have not been made as of now.

depends what are the requirements


Planning grant MDHI is the only one who can apply for the grant

Gary has asked if the contract be subcontracted

any other funding available? Other funders would come and get involved.

Requirements of the Grant LEAD

  • Neutral
  • Experience in Housing and Service Coordination


  • Has or Can Build Capacity in kind match, HR, Operations, CUSTOMER SERVICE. Communities support, Financial


  • Regional don’t screen out preferred but not essential


  • Trust and Transparency

Located in a place for people in public places which in accessible.


not at Denver Human Services


  • Manager Coordinator


  • Data and Data base


  • Matching Matching and Data May be same person based on volume


  • Assessement Mutliple Access Points Out reach 211 mobile positions


  • Navigation and Lease Up housing specialists ;ease up vouchers


  • Retention support Peer Navigators


attach $  for personnel:  we could hire homeless people  at risk populations
rents are rising out of sight
beyond permanent supportive housing
Rapid Rehousing
Wouldn’t have to be homeless for a long time it woulf be able to support different housing interventions.
committee perspective NOFA emerges what is the format that you want to have input.
They are interested in intense feedback on this structure for this housing.
scatered site is the most vulnerable
Landlord campaign Tenant training.  shock to people quiet   programming for success
Retention has to do with skill levels  taking care of household.  AGING AND MEDICAL HOME  –  Permanent Housing  
SOME ISSUES that could be unresolved  include alzheimers dementia issues with personal care and tenant training customer service payee financial assistance  one on one individual needs pull together resources
TRAVIS  meeting at the library every month  cover different topics.
USING the library as a center for people.  September 8 out door concert  
supportive services want to keep this person in the building lives are being enriched not simply retained in housing  what we need is  case managers
having a community support meeting and network is essential for the residents to identify resident leaders
Macro and Micro services provided from infrastructure and personal connections
flow chart that the Board supported.
employment and housing must be included together and create a way to assess financial self sufficiency and education that leads to this outcome.
employment and training
standards that lead to a person getting on with their life
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