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SSI Can We Support Our Neighbors?

September 4, 2015

Theycould care less about SSbecause they’ll never have to rely on it.When the media talk about SS, we rarely, if ever, hear these facts: The average monthly payment for men is $1,099.73 while the average for women is $844.30. 22% of married couples and about 47% of unmarried persons rely on SS for 90% or more of their income. The official number of older people living in poverty in the US is 6.3 million.

According to the SF Chron: [California, with its high cost of living and health care, leads the nation in the percentage of older adults living in poverty, according to a 2013 report by the Kaiser Family Foundation. Twenty percent of California adults over age 65 live below the poverty threshold of about $16,000 annually, when taking into account the higher cost of housing and health care.]

Truly these statistics are inaccurate.  The threshold for people living in poverty has tripled since 2008 when the Great Recession occurred.  Many jobs have been eliminated and many more people are starting their lives living with their families.  Youth today cannot expect either an education or a job, and many more people today work without benefits in contract labor pools where they may even be seasonal workers.  The notion that a person can earn a living wage has been reserved for high-tech and skilled union workers.  Our days of affordable amenities like healthcare and housing are myths.

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders's photo.
Who is America for?  It is for investors and people who have economic power and security, not for Americans.  More and more citizens will succumb to chronic illnesses and diseases associated with behavioral health.  There will be a lowering and lowering standard of health and life expectancy among the millions of poor people who have to hustle and perhaps live as constant benefactors of non-profit social service providers.  We can expect many citizens to rely on soup kitchens as a usual and customary means of support until they are unable to sustain themselves.  Many Americans find themselves alone and unable to find the help that they need to be self-sufficient.  
Many more young people are beginning their lives with little hope of ever being able to work or live according to what was prescribed as the “American Dream.”
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