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Fall Forum Planning for Colorado Social Legislative Committee September, 2015

September 10, 2015

Fall Forum Planning for Colorado Social Legislative Committee @ Colorado Center on Law and Policy.  September, 2015


Sigrid,  Chaer  CCLP,  9 to 5 new person Jill –  Interfaith Alliance  me  Katy CCH climber Mark Colo Non Profit Assoc. – Peter – Lutheran, Chris, Ed

framework:  housing  too ambitious force growth what are CCLC members doing around housing related issues?   no power brokers  –  what are they all working on at this time?  


Date –   October  29 and 30th conference and luncheon  Colo Non-Profit Association  –  November 10  what day of the week?   12th  – 18th  Wednesday



Time of Day – How long?  2 hours  4 to 6 p.m.  comida


Place:  Montview Presbyterian Church @ 


subject:  Housing First – social impact bonds –  NIMBY  Public Will Building – What can I do?  unclaimed Property vouchers of poorer places.  Patrick Coyle and Alison George new leadership in DOLA  Division of Local Affairs.  


Faith Communities perspectives what they can do that is more assertive?


short-term relief  faith groups  St. John’s building 50 units  Diana Flahive Women’s Homeless Initiaitive.


get Out what you Put In to Housing opportunities


Federal Housing Trust Fund – Housing Champions  –  


rental rates have escalated beyond what the area mean income can afford

Low-income housing one cannot afford to live here.

Mile High Connect  –  better insight into kinds of actions that we make surrounding public policy.

Healthcare is Housing  –   other perspectives that we wish to inlcude.



Numbers:  less than 100 Fresc  –  housing conference 


Publicity:  down 




targeted Group  –  creative solutions    opposite of being without hope – where can I plug in state-wide coalition:  Resources?  

Bell Policy Denver Regional Council of Governments  AGING and ADULTS  Jayla Sanchez,  liaison  – Rich Mauro  –  Energy Outreach  Shannon Francis is working for them  Jennifer Gremmert

What they’re doing to make housing more affordable and efficient  Tina Yankee Squire  

Rapid Housing Reentry


Accessible Housing –  Colorado Cross-Disabilities Coalition  – Julie Reiskin Councilwoman Kneich  ADA construction standards and improvements. All of the onus for complicity is for the owner to comply with the construction.



Isabel McDermitt’s Bridgehouse new place 4747 Table Mesa Road work and housing.

Shanon Duwaik  in Aurora building


Construction Defects  –  Senator Kefalas  Trailer Parks for seniors 

Moderating –  


After me not chairing Chaer will be the new President


$35.00 for an organization that has a place for an information table

separate into government as opposed to private solutions

rights to housing versus market rate housing


public private partnerships

Eleanor Roosevelt  Human Rights Manifesto

50K moving to Denver annually

They do not want their parents to live with them


Almost all students have to live with their families.  They cannot leave their homes and live on their own.


Rights Resources Obligations –  at Housing Colorado these issues are being addressed in Charettes.


Peter will be connecting with


Katy will be contacting the Montview Presbyterian Church


Scope of chairing the Fall Forum Committee.


outlining statistics  information table 

package of information that we want to present


Rich Mauro:  what are issues that the State Legislature will consider?


Preserving Existing Stock:  




NEXT MEETING:  September 18th  Next Friday @ 2 p.m.


Come to Colorado Social Legislative Committee:

Note taking:  1:30 p.m.  meets at the Non Profit Association office – 3 to 4:30 p.m.


Switching locations afterwards.


FEEL  STRONGLY  TIRED IT HAS BEEN A LONG DAY starting at 1 a.m.  and not ending at all.


check list implying many different approaches that you can support.


we need to protect your neighborhood from making this place more unlivable.















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