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MDHI – Stakeholder Meeting – September – 2015

September 10, 2015



stakeholder Meeting – Metropolitan Denver Homeless initiative  2015

144 people across the Front Range  attending a meeting at Mile High United Way.


Gary Sanford:  Alejandro  Martinez  – board member

homeless 4 years – de donde viene?  esta en casa ahora.  CoC is stakeholders in fact.  

CoC  ?  


2014 – 2015 annual meeting review


ratify Governance 


Serve Colorado Governor’s Commission on Community Service


Community Table Kitchen

Homeless Emergency Assistance and Rapid Transition to Housing (2009)


Federal mandate s to end homeless by  _____________________? families, children, individuals, special populations, undocumented, trafficked, elders, travellers, people who are living in public places, PLIPP, people incarcerated, people with mental illness, co-occurring diseases, and the behavioral health persons.


Kim Easton:  Urban Peak

____ just departed ain’t this interesting Gov comes and the clock keeps ticking.  we have to have these _____ meetings don’t we?


Shelter committee meeting is going on concomitantly



Medicaid TANF PENSIONS  STREAMLINE  FUNDING RESOURCES $ STREAM TO BE ABLE TO PLACE SOMEONE IN A PLACE   –  new partners  what is the cross linkages to people who are without a place?  


increase supportive service needs  –  Tomas Luehrs


Thomas and I are saying the same thing

align the $ with how do we get people housed  Jen Lopez – director  Gov. staff

case management through family tree,  and for people nimble and able SOAR  coordinated Entry

Dept. of Human Services


Landlord Incentive




Coordinating Committee  FOURTH FRIDAY  9 am to 11:30 a.m.\ LINDI  Coordinated entry  COLD WEATHER CARE PERIOD  GREY AMBER BLUE AND RED DANGEROUS INDEX


3 or 4 regional forums:  working together with the leadership regional

why do you come to the Coordinating Committee  – connecting with people is one of the aims.  knowing whatever others are doing regionally, connecting providers together.  that we are not representing simply our own efforts.  ANGIE DRH started recently  Heather Beck  you meet many diverse people. She used to work with Step Program at Warren Village.  How broad the issue is –

if we do not coordinate the effort we cannot get anywhere. the employment side of this meeting is a critical part of the meeting format.

Pioneers in considering new ideas main stream benefits  supports that sustain the efforts.  how can we spread the word and work.  Public Will Building advisor –  sub committees employment Laura Ware is chairing this  meeting at the same time.


Prevention Committee Shelley Hines Jewish Family Services

Sub committee on housing


if we do not work across the lines        we are not going anywhere !!


Butler Family Fund  Amanda Trujillo  employment committee intern  Staffing from Butler next on her agenda


surprise mystery advocate  –  system wide we need results


work with employers   struggle with how and what we can do together to find a purpose for everyone.



self-sufficiency over the long haul over decades    Our application for the SUPER NOFA  notice of funding availability


INCREASE employability  justice community,  judge, people who have been incarcerated.  




5.5 years ago Chris began with job development people were territorial and now people  are willing to develop standards of excellence and harm reduction and trauma care  not simply hiring a person but having them gain self-sufficiency and stability


Tim ARNOLD  cOMMUNITY  Table Kitchen and Isabel:  Boulder training program in Boulder  READY WILLING AND ABLE out of NYC


Correcting basic living skills  collaborating with the employment community is significance.

Employment opportunities are everywhere.  vendors  linens, pest control, shuttle services, maintenance,  opportunities for everyone  opportunities for all of our residents. and for the community to see



Peer navigator  peer mentors interns all of these people who serve who have been homeless


LINDA SUE BARRINGER:  HMIS AND Beverly Cisse,  hardest working being supplanted by the 25 cities program

Lead agency CCH:  recommendations from HUD using specialists data analyst,  proving to be effective  this new level of work on Homeless Management Information SYSTEM.  Sharing central intake.

presenting different information   rapid entry  share these client’s information shifting tableau of people’s lives.  1 story data entry Family tree excited as records every person getting housed already was in the system when they shared the data.  Linda Sue what leadership she has provided.

Denver pilot using scanners and ID CARDS to access membership with a scanner with one’s mitts.  at the St. Francis Center this is running smoothly.


APT ASSOCIATES consulting services here a couple years ago in that time we knew what we were facing.  Keep going we have to comply.  Some accomplishments housing and procedures 2014 and 2015 data standards continuous monitoring permanent housing data timeliness and models to improve the quality of the data  good in and bad out.  ON WEB SITE with current information on the web site.  Federal partners Veterans Partners RHYMES and HOPWA Other partners are coming on board to share date

accurate inventory of all resources and pair the data that we can get better outcomes.  meeting every week all the time.  TOMAS – project rapid entry will be metro-wide.  Beverly  speer heading expand pilot thoughtfully  Gary working on a plan  over night shelters.  current policies do not apply any more  law enforcement policy that has to be revamped.

implementing a new policy  think about this and never thought about this before.  Tom and St. Francis Center dog and pony show of how this works. Bernie Denver Parks and Human Services keep this of their plate.  Build capacity  client reaction to swipe card:  example the card that you have that has ability to get in fast.   1 block and 2 sometimes takes 10 minutes  people are thrilled.  people have an extra identity card accepted in other places people feel pretty good about it.  Urban Peak is a pilot site.  didn’t want to take picture most youth are grateful to have a secondary ID  appear for their High School equivalency exam,  whole data system is HMIS SYSTEM  scan other services as far as what is available and where people are receiving services.  more accurate   little in getting right camera and printer.

they are keeping their cards and they are holding on them


vision regionally, helps obtaining legal documents


Able to to do transitional PIT COUNT with rapid entry from shelter our aim s to have a more accurate count.


HMIS DATA COMMITTEE  MANDY MAY V P  of quality ensurance at CCH

bench marks need data need that data to be accurate and timely

data centric view of the information. where do resources have to be improved. producing statistics on a consistent timely basis transparency and accuracy  estimated housing stability permanent housing exiting to a permanent site 80% of people meet this aim.

Their resources are meeting consisting  third Wednesday at MHUW  GEEK OUT


NOFA COMMITTEE  ARTIE WELLS DOUGLAS COUNTY CHAIRED COMMITTEE  15 independent members formerly homeless person streamlined process 1.6 million awarded last year.  20.4 million FMR adjustment 1.65 million awarded to 12 places nationally.  74% PSH  15% rapid rehousing transitional  8%, 2% HMIS  PLANNING GRANT RECENTLY  will be growing to 600 million $  3 times over the last .


Never had the opportunity to look at the portfolio to increase MHIS  national infusing of $  cue up rapid rehousing projects.


scattered sites will be small and increased resources for families and young. GOOD PROGRESS with SPFF resources for veterans  202o end family homelessness.


Laura WARE:  in a couple committees  LA TIMES delay in Urban Camping ban.

Federal issues that have to be resolved as soon as possible. 





JOSH GARLAND pulls together the data from VISTA

3,000 surveys in system 30% 10 or higher score which means that they are at risk of dying or being in harm’s way.

VI SPDAT  housed 210 people  88 NON VETERANS 26 scattered sites shelter + CARE  emergency service grant. 


Leadership Team bi weekly meetings  CDC  to do their work uninhibited by bureaucracy  regional housing navigators  support people long-term housing supportive services  leadership team provided support and guidance so many agencies HIPPA Compliance.  Leadership team continued funding Renee Cruz supported for 2 years AmeriCorps VISTA Program.


CDT Community Design Team housing providers provide leadership meet clients policies and procedures.


veteran  youth pilot increased participation with the funders they see this and they want to participate.  Good Based Platform.  


Initiaitve lad lod recruitment campaign

Colorado Department of Local Affairs


Metro Mayor’s Caucus

55K raised from the region















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