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Commentary on the Advent of 9/11 and our vitriolic response

September 11, 2015

I don’t like the feeling that has persisted all along since I was born that we live in a hostile world that America has for all its touted democratic principles and banter has been the most violent social structure that has ever perpetrated its agenda on everything else. I remember when the then president was reading to children in a school when he was informed of the destruction of the towers and the plane that landed in a field in Pennsylvania, where I come from, and the damage of a third of the Pentagon, it was horrendous how he responded and Congress, like a pouting child more immature than the children to whom he was reading, with vengeance and making up a context that already seemed to be planned out, to declare war on innocent people, most of whom were the age of those children he was reading to. It seemed as though the Patriot Act and Homeland Security were begging for a way to be launched. The cruel and unjust violence that we inflicted on everything else was unfettered and unchartered unilateral hegemony against defenseless people. We had a glimmer of hope to share our grief and the burden of peace, lifting up the spirits of the world and doing our best to promote humanitarian aid to everyone impacted. If you live by the sword you will surely die by the sword. When will be ever beat our swords into ploughshares and proclaim, “I ain’t ever going to practice war no more?


Commentary on the Advent of 9/11 and our vitriolic response



14 years ago, I was serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in New York City.


What came out of the events of that day was tragic, yet remarkable. People came together. We saw beyond ra
cial, ethnic, gender, religious and any other identifying factor to be one as a community, nation, and world.

Today, we live in a world that is torn apart based upon how we identify. Religion, politics, race, economic status are all factors which divide. People are siloed on social media into groups that reinforce how we think and we are intolerant of the views of others. We have grown to a point where simply expressing our opinion is grounds for verbal assault at best. Our world is torn apart by war, literally and figuratively if you watch the news.

Today, let us light a candle of peace. A candle that as it burns will melt away the animosity we may harbor for our neighbor. A candle that will melt away the pride in our hearts. A candle that as it melts will show the true colors of love, healing, acceptance, and giving I saw us capable of showing on the days and weeks which followed the tragic events of 9-11.


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