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afraid of one’s shadow

September 13, 2015

Afraid of One’s Shadow


where are we headed        where are we going to stop

 in the shadows behind a fence  next to a garden  in back behind the store wherever no one will bother you

maybe next day you’ll come back if no one sees you

you’re invisible until no one wants you around

you’re always looking over your shoulder wondering when you’ll have to defend your life

 all the time you’re accompanied only by your shadow

you get tired of hanging on for somewhere you can completely rest

you’re completely closed off indifferent – afraid of anyone who hurt you

you’re afraid that no one will know whether you’re safe

you know that everything is up for grabs

losing your footing on an icy foot path by the frozen steam running its course over the rocky crag

shivering in your wet shoes dragging you down 

neither knowing that you’ll sleep nor will awaken

or whether anyone wonders whether you’re safe again

you sense your death is imminent

nothing you have or will do ever will change


you plod on as long as you can endure

 where you can find a mind numbing way to forget

where can you find a way to leave your imprint

no matter what risks, losses, abuses, fears you have 

you have no other option out

even if you choose to cut off your pulse your time you know is up


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