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CAB September 2015 new members attending the meeting for the first time

September 15, 2015

Patricia – Friend of TJ

TJ Tangiers  

Bruce Ratliffe clubhouse coordinator

Rocko Smallzone


Tezra Wheeler: Urban Peek


Michael Farge  STOUT  Street upstairs

LaRay  Off Broadway Lofts

Sarah Light foot:  staff


MaryLea Forington advisor base federal funding Bureau of Primary Health Care  8.2 million dollars for integrated health care services  51% board members must be people receiving services  330 H grant homeless designation.  Difficult for homeless people to make regular meetings we have a waiver we do not need 51% members of full board  CCH advises the whole board  We are liaisons to the full board and the full board acts on the commitment and information that is shared with the full board.


Housing First  – Bruce Ratliffe  peer mentor  what they do and how they act and provide peer support.  integrated ACT model  Assertive Community Treatment.  wellness and recovery 


struggled with substance use and abuse success in recovery model with the people in the Club House  International Conference of Peers. listening to people receiving services.  Runs the Club House.  Tandra prsented to the Club House  

Melissa Jones could not make it today.

Bruce advocates.  Support groups other supportive agencies  connect bridges gaps and guide people into services and support.

being connected to 12 Step has been an aid to Bruce.  faith community has been a big support for Bruce. Many do not want to be involved in the religious side of things. He investigates how they operate and whether they use trauma care.

we can overcome the struggles that we face.  People were there for me and I want to do what I can for others who are looking for support.


International Associaiton of Peers IAP  ethics and curriculum.  Housing First we can go on line at the CCH website. 2100 Broadway.  ACT MODEL  what is this?  Assertive Community Treatment.  Housing stabilization team   vocational treatment and education.


work together to provide services share one another clients  complex case review. you get to know the other case managers. people in properties are wary of people who are in the programs.  HMIS records and HRC.


8 am to 3 pm  Monday to Friday:  slipped  for a while 25 to 30   daily new member orientation receive services through the case manager.  temporary case managers opened up to others.  do you work with Phoenix Multi- Sport –   Job club on Fridays from 3 to 4


person can get the most out of this  keep environment that is safe and that is effective for the participants.  Ican’t do it all.  mental health intervention have a referral and follow up.


Housing First:  opened up to other programs.  easrliest ages when a person is available to participate in the club house.


CEO Rorke  people can use the Phoenix Multi-Sport program.  stay connected.

fitness is a big incentive to their programs

peer specialist is one of the most significant persons who works at CCH

the supports that come to CCH through Bruce is significant.

Bruce different aspects of recovery.

What are your career objectives?  magically happens where they want to engage.  


people cannot see the benefit from the start but he sees pride flourishing and support incentives for taking care of themselves.


St Louis Missouri,  Michael Farge  at Sam’s House about 6 months. Michelle Dixson – Jan Featt. Ft. Lyon  went there. Volunteers at the Samaritan House.  Charges my battery.  Help me sustain sobriety 2 years.  59  February is his birthday He’ll be 60  His son came from St. Louis. He is in  University of Missouri from Civil Engineering.  I have a  lot going on  new grandson. functional  not a bad person uncle everyone look down on  third Tuesday  every month. Substance abuse.  Help and do what I can put in experience in drugs  a lot to talk about grace of god that I am here  lost 5 uncles  syringes and schirosis of the liver.   came here 2013 on Greyhound Bus  no structure at Rescue Mission and then he went to Sam House. 





LYNN McCrea  from Quigg Newton 

associate director of beahavioral health

Sonny Side   4545 Navajo Street up coming area.  Latinos  Somalia neighborhood demographics is changing  public housing development dispersed housing  family counseling center in one of the Denver health Clinics  says DENVER HEALTH.  a family counseling center run by the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless.  GRANT FUNDING  primary care medical and counseling services to those who dwell in the housing projects.  Spanish Speaking only two case managers, an adminsitrative assistant, 2 supportive services workers and managers, get them the required services and commodities that they need. They pick up the rent that is short.  Eviction Prevention assistance

DAY of the Dead El Dia De Los Muertos  like the All Hallowed Souls  Afronda making one a a mask  –  flowers pictures and skulls art work and dancing  a shrine at the police department three doors from the health Ceneter.

target youth preventing them from joining gangs,  substance abuse poverty not understand english undocumented. build a community because they are afraid.

from Chicago Housing Project Cabrini Green

would not know that it is a housing project or development  silent during the day no one is going anywhere.  COMMUNITY GARDEN  Denver Urban Gardens.

door to door therapist biligual from MEXICO  collaborating with Denver Housing Authority.

water issues had to pay for the water.

IM Academy

gentrifying  community as a whole VERY DEAR costs of living and housing


domestic violence is accepted as PERMISSABLE


Denver Housing Authority enforces the rules  DV  lots of rules that they have to follow that they have to deal with  –  dealers  pair with Denver Health

400 residents in the vicinity

train system  restaurants 


deal with residents and the community at large  dispersed housing is in catchment area of Sonny Side Neighborhood.


La Casa Family Counseling Center


cutting it close   boar dmeeting update   Pizza Fusion

Urban Peak starting job training program


new knee Ms Forington


Project Homeless Connect 15  November 17  at the Convention Center

                                                       November 7 opening of Housing Colorado Exhibit on Homelessness





LORI Malone Secretary  


Meeting adjourned until OCTOBER second Tuesday




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