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Colorado History Museum: Searching for Home – Home on Common Ground

September 15, 2015

Colorado History Museum:  Searching for Home  –  Common Ground




Searching for Home Member Preview

Friday, November 6  10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

members and community partners enjoy a free sneak peek of this exhibit


FWD Series Part 1

Monday, November 9

Bill Fulton of Civic Canopy moderates a panel looking at the rights and responsibilities of communities on all sides of the issue of people experiencing homelessness.

Keep a Light in Your Window the Official Daddy Bruce Documentary

Tuesday, November 17

FWD Series Part II Tuesday, January 19

Amanda Henderson of the Interfaith Alliance will lead a panel discussion on the faith-based community and their relationship with people experiencing homelessness.

Community Partner Breakfast

James Peterson –  Leslie Foster – Katie Heidsiek – Kathy White – Lauren Carroll

Where o where are the homeless orators and leaders on the dais?

We’re nowhere to be found – doubtless we had little to impart.


Guaranty Bank and Trust Company underwrote this with anonymous woman donor –  volunteering at the Denver Rescue Mission  deep roots as deep as the mountains and the desire of those who took advantage of cheap labor and displaced people who lived on the edge of the town of Denver n shanty towns and shacks and under ground, or who migrated everywhere to find a way to be safe and rest.

History Colorado staff developed “Searching for Home,” with community advisory committee.  Exhibit of 1,000 sq. ft.  naturally in basement reflects on the lives of people who are living in public places or in places unfit for human habitation or in shelters, doubled up or couch surfing, or in transitional housing, or who are about to evicted from their homes, or who are discharged from jail, or hospitals to the streets.  The exhibit invites visitors to reflect on life without a place to lie down and rest, access to adequate health care, a safe, caring place to stay and relationships that provide safe and stable permanent housing options from birth to dying and end of life.


Funny enough Orville Springs was the first person who came here.  following Donald Burnes, Leslie Foster, Gary Sanford, Katy Fleury, Senator John Kefalas, Byron and Shirley,   Bill Policy,  Cha Ka Ze, Sarah Newell, Tom Luehrs, Greg Harms, Monica Buhlig, Scott Kerr, Shelby Oliver Almost Home – Brighton, Geoffry Batteny, Deb Butte,  there are about fifty people in this room  Geoffry Bennett  Catholic Charities just came in, staff of History Colorado Museum, Lindi Sinton, 

if this is what you know about homelessness then you have a lot to learn speaking about the signage of people flying signs

working people who are in the mix of the landscape of homelessness  enormity and complexity of being on the streets


Alssa Hearty  Public Library, 

Reverend Ronald Wooding


we owe a tremendous debt to everyone who wants to handle this immense injustice.


he is thanking everyone members of the committee and so forth


Leslie Foster is beginning this presentation day time drop-in center for people experiencing homelessness.

Community of hope  transforming lives

search for home forum much at stake have the most involved  impressed with humanity and listen and value everyone’s ideas


finding common ground community partner context philosophy and ideas

politics and results fall short and think about the long-term  homelessness issue of the moment that is timeless searching for home step back and gain a larger perspective  it was not about resources, I LOVE THESE MEETINGS no one cares about politics, and funding objectives. we were about encouraging discussion and debate  passion for constructive dialog  you can expect support for this exhibit/


1990  Started working at the Gathering Place,  PEGGY  I knew her.  People have their own thoughts about poverty and privacy  –  She did not like me intervening in her life.  Desperately needed  –  25 years later there n a box is a pair of her shoes  street preacher – she lived as a preacher without my connecting to her for three decades.  She was a person I did a terrible disservice for.  How do you convene a pair of shoes.  reminiscent of her life not FIX PEOPLE’s LIVES  how the Gathering Place was changed by her role in our lives. DID the shoes indicate how much Peggy meant her shoes resulted in a philosophical debate  impact on the greater community  dealt more concretely with life’s ultimate issues. makes you angry, sad, and joyful.  This exhibit will change us all.


Exhibit developer for this project:   Peter Droege Andrea Fuller Reverend Ronald Wooding, 


Home is a happy life a beautiful life  the best place you’ve ever had. I had it many years   53 yr olfd Aourora resident, Ronald H. 

AUDIENCE TARGET  families with children of all ages  and people associated with homelessness-related issues

safe place for exploration  inquiry explanations  ok that you do not know breath of homelessness across the world of the Territory of Kansas and where we have come to in this day and age.

  • Shelter
  • Health
  • Safety
  • Relationships

reflect on what you’ve learned

and take these insights to everywhere you come from

natural and unrefined environment

interact with the materials 

Silver Crash of 1893

Blair Griffith Miss Colorado

Jenga game

if you are losing all of your supports

leaving ideas sticky notes and writing a journal

Community Partner Program

6 years ago this Museum was created



10 tickets for organizations for FREE

“Talent Wins games but teamwork and intelligence wins championships + LUCK.”  or good fortune and timing




  • Neighbors Overcoming Poverty and Homelessness












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