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10th Anniversary Celebration of Denver’s Road Home Where We’re Headed

September 17, 2015

Tenth Anniversary of the Plan to End Homelessness in Denver Celebrating the Cause by curtailing the frequency, duration and risk of being out on the streets.


Who is without a safe place to live?  For the most part those who have lost most of their choices, have experienced trauma over their life span, in some cases, who have been victims of abuse, violence, severe loss, grinding poverty, personally feeling abandoned,  as if there are no options, that if you were to die that no one would know or care.


What can we do to support people who suffer severe losses?


We have no opportunity without being heard, felt, opening up the paralysis that has caused the person to suffer.  This requires a willingness to find a way that has been present from the beginning, through tenderness, through unending, unyielding accepting of the other person as an equal.  


In the end it is up to us what we are going to have to do to rekindle our spirits. All of us need to feel wanted and to have a plan a reason for our presence.  We are called upon to take care of our lives and everything in our life for which we’re responsible.  It is not anyone else’s responsibility to make sure we’re alright.


The problem that exists with the current socio-economic structure of the nation and the world is that no one feels that it is their responsibility to ensure that a fundamental basis of safety and security exists for all people everywhere.

Too many people and institutions that they create or support are malicious, violent, evil, have contempt for everything and believe it is their right to trample others who have little or cannot take care of their lives.  This paradox of contempt for people when we fully know that we are responsible for the quality of life of the world in which we have been given is one of the most disarming and reprehensible conditions of contemporary life. We cannot afford to let anyone live in grinding poverty.


What are we to do to mitigate these timeless injustices against all people and the earth?

Above all else we must listen we must care for others we must extend ourselves to others we must be willing to provide safe havens and opportunities for all people to have a place a way to take care of their lives to have a purpose to make a way that is sustained over the course of a life span and from generation to generation.  The great opulence that dominates the world economy has to be redistributed to make it possible for all people to have a chance to do more than survive but to share their lives and resources with everyone else.


There can be no life without sharing and holding up universal values sustaining all life.  The question that must be asked is what can you do for one another?  We have no other choices but to care for everyone who is here.  The standard refrain that there is “NO ROOM AT THE INN,”  must cease.


The role of those who are indigent!  Leadership is explicitly required in our lives to include the voices of people who are struggling and to pay attention to their expertise and gifts.  We have to begin to share decision-making and trust that together we can over come whereas separately we are helpless.  People require resolve to move on and to bring up emerging leaders to take the reigns.  

We hold the promise for slowing down the rate of returning people to being usafe and feeling unwanted. We bear the mantle of leadership to keep in focus the aim of empowering each person and by this ending trauma for all who dwell here.


Let us then make a compact that resolves to share leadership and overcome what is missing in relation to others wherever we find someone and in whatever way.

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