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PIT POINT IN TIME 2016 Monday January 25 – 2016 MDHI

September 23, 2015

PIT POINT IN TIME January 25, 2016

Metropolitan Denver Homeless Initiative


Time Line  –  

shelters streets homeless at risk  


OMNI doing data collection and get the data from Homeless Management Information System  (HMIS)

rapid entry pilot we can get data from shelter  entered in a field Joel at St. Francis Center.

Defining Transitional Housing Definition from the HEARTH ACT length and time anything less than 24 months.


Throwing out duplication of data  Salvation Army, Rescue Mission, Volunteers of America, Catholic Charities.  and others where there were several people using their services

if there was a place where there were a number of surveys that were not filled out completely or correctly.

resourcce fair break the ice find a lot of people who did not come out to be counted and we asked where they were the night before.

best practices –  21st what worked and did not


November 4  –  developed process for shelter count – partners from different counties

who you are coordinating?


everyone has to be at the meetings in November

Cheryl  are you the Coordinator from Boulder working with Bridgehouse and Isabel McDermitt


schools are an issue that pervades every county  ADAMS?  Broomfield?  pulled # do not have a capacity during the week.  Sheridan the person who used to do this is not there anymore Sean

Contacting the families back Liaisons serving 400 to 800 families  October 1 lat report that was made concerning homeless people

cumulative count is done in public school system  case load of liaisons in the schools


Maryann  in Adams  County they may not have anyone to support a count on January 25.


1 school district in Douglas County  They work on these but everyone is doubled up and are not counted by Federal guidelines

Sharon in Aurora:  School Districts will not participate


DPS Denver will not provide data.


if they promote an event there is another way to ge this information.

Volunteer Coordinating:

volunteers came directly to County Coordinators

announcement of Point in Time at the October 21 meeting on the website.

asking the volunteers from Project Homeless Connect  15  for a major event


Ian Boots on the Ground  at meeting:  


November 7 opening of the exhibit of Homeless exhibit in the Colorado History Museum.


Training in early January, 2016


Katie will be at the next meeting from Omni Institute.


data entry $ is available


December 17  will know what we are doing regionally in all counties

working on a map on the coordinating of the PIT


Boots on the Ground in Adams County is coordinating the whereabouts of Homeless people .


Optional mapping procedure.


families and whatever Sharon take out some of the language in # 7 on familiy members stayed with you or did not stay with you on Monday night.


VI SPDAT  2 people through training 25 cities substance abuse disability 


clear and understandable language deesclation 


it always skews the results to have people who are connected to the people.


filmed segment on being able to relate to the person who is being interviewed

Josh  personnel who has experience andthat is another approach a second person who is paired with someone with less experience.


outreach training would be a good idea and getting out to learn about people


you’re taking your time and investigating the personal circumstances of the person.

babies being born who do not have a home they may not have a place for the couple or the parent and yet the child is staying with someone else but the baby is not counted as being without a safe stable place to stay

families are split up and this is a hard issue emotionally and formerly.

Centering on the training and doing role playing will be helpful


December 16 we look at the training video to determine the quality of the PIT.


We’ll review the PIT  November 18 we will look at the Video  these are all videos.


KATIE Volunteers of America:  May Katie and Randle review will take place at

3CE  where is this 71st and Federal Blvd.

#8   questions in the box threw people off  goes back to training Surveys may not havbe been seen until the survey was printed out and duplicated for distribution.


SIMPLIFY  questions  #11 What Contributed to your being without a safe place to stay.

Housing Instability is not an issue if we are simply determining if the person is without a safe place to stay.

distinction between refusing to take a survey and a person who was observed as being outside in a place that is not habitable.


SSI SSDI  are living on the street whole survey is self reported.    #10  received income


SNAPS   whtever benefit  change $ to income cash or non cash income.

fixed or working income

neither I nor Heather will be here on October 7  we’ll all be at the Grand Hyatt  HOTEL all afternoon or I will be in transit to REGIS Uinversity.




















May volunteer

Katie Voa

jackie Adams Cty

Joe – MDHI



Broomfield  nadie





DV  LINDA  responsibility

Jennifer Piper – Immigration person


Chris Conner brought up  study in Los Angeles  category  of homelessness 13,000  people a month  allocated 100 million dollars for homelessness.  Declared a state of emergency.


School representative


Veterans:  Katie Veterans


Josh and Chris are involved in DENVER


Josh  from Arapahoe County

calling from Texas

law enforcement representative  for each county in 7 county CoC


Heather Beck  Denver Street Outreach Collaborative

Sheriffs and other outreach team Office Stockman surveyed 8 people last year

Katie F.   – CCH

Sharon Duwaik  – Aurora

Cheryl  – Boulder

Rand Clark – Douglas Cty.  educating law enforcement of resources for working with people who are at risk.

marketing communications



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