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“Prayers for Sanctuary at the Edge Falling Down”

September 24, 2015


​ “Prayers for Sanctuary at the Edge Falling Down”
‘wish I could ride my bike all morning and all day and night into the glowing sunset and leave this earth as I found it  long ago’

am tired worn down tired of being alone. tired of being afraid tired of being without a partner tired of being unable to cook or share my life tired of being here tired of the futile nature of life bewildered never feel like eating at all anymore wish that there was some way out of here wish I could live through the time now and remember what it was like to be naive and innocent and fresh and new bustling with energy and verve ready for everything that came my way taking care of someone and something anything without end feeling brand new.  no way out of here though no one to share a moment of peace not even at rest when one is asleep no one left to care for no one to say good night nowhere to cry and be still and wait until the morning light

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