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Francis Has a Message for the Infrastructure of Our World: “Don’t Hide What Is UP to US to Repair”

September 25, 2015


In Lunch for the Homeless, a Sacred Mission for Pope Francis


Francis is using his celebrity to compel the cameras to show Americans a picture some might rather ignore: In Washington, he met the homeless.


Pope Francis, in Congress, Pleads for Unity on World’s Woes


Speaking to lawmakers on Thursday, the pope issued a call to action on issues largely favored by liberals, including a critique of the excesses of capitalism and a defense of immigration.

. Graphic  Graphic: Inside Pope Francis’ Address to Congress


There is the massive need to change the way that wealth is hoarded and refute the abuse of power of wealth.


All this can be summed up in everyone throughout the world has a responsibility to live as simply and with as little abuse of their status as is possible it is a spiritual ethical stratagem for survival that is the core of what is wrong with the world in which we share every atom and molecule right through the particles and fractals to infinity.

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