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Central Committee of Denver of the Democratic Party September, 2015

September 26, 2015

Central Committeeof Denver of the Democratic Party September 2015

It is after 1  please let this go forward I need to go already  it is too much

I am at work  studying.  Pretty tired  I think I’ll rest in the mean time.

Susan Rogers is calling for the Central Committee meeting to start.

after pledge of Allegiance to WHAT?

Ann Murdock  chastized me for being in front working  nice 

Ed Hall is in front of me two rows.  There is a man making a speech about Democratics


next generation what kind of world are we leaving for our children 


Theatrical performance  

Anthony Graves


speaking about being delegate to Philadelphia great attempt to be a delegate in JULY 23.


running for delegate  

immigration equality

Elliott Lewis  Credentials Report  quorum  44%

proposed rule changes  Chair Susan Rogers

6 changes to rules


Fran Coleman  bickering about 45 days

  1.  how we do balloting counting of votes  45 days

2.  practice for proxies 2 hours before meeting takes place – contested issues Ms Coleman is pushing for further changes perfect proxies   need to retain the time – Ed Hall spoke against the amendment

3. percentage of passage of votes attendance at Executive Committee up or down by committee I did not agree with party fracking land taken over  voting up or down is simple majority  we’re given a chance to respond back.

Karen Morrisey:  chair of rules committee 2/3 to majority of the attending members.

4.  replacing a captain and co-captain – added procedure to replace a captain and co-captain these sub districts will have an election. Chair appoints if the district does not do their job.


5.  executive committee meeting resigning from executive committee  captains at large  county officers  candidate VAN LIST is not eligible to Candidates.


Coleman then David declared candidate for office.


amended language:   Margaret Atencio

running for office  people as a whole are studious about not crossing the line of the merit of running for office  amendment  corollary

they counted this nonsense
David Strawberry  rules committee  supporting this rule change


heading your meeting


forced to sit in the audience

difficulties of filling our chairs and cochairs  career path to elected office


I spoke to the issue of counting on people inclusionary  access cannot run for office  respectful of the rules  not promoting inclusion  no restrictive rules


Sally Ann Offner is speaking technology of VAN  restriction of VAN personal use of the VAN data base  they are contrary to rules lose their access and they can be cited for abuse of their rights


She has supported the upgrading of the technology


Joanne  who signed people in  HD 6  opposing this.  invaluable role of the leadership of the committees and districts.  we need their involvement

disadvantage of making it possible for people to run and having to resign

HD2  opposing the amendment

abuse the trust then get rid of the person when it comes around again

integrity of the candidates does not question the individual but not to provide any appearance of avoiding   a natural conflict of interest. looks like an endorcement.


Mr Hall is going on and on

75 for and 69 against  defeated last one that makes 144 voting delegates out of how many?  300?

there is a discrepancy between the first vote and the second by 12 voting delegates?

count is 

passing 82 for 76 opposed  = 158 votes were cast.

6  delegate selection plan  establish that number of alternates  fiscal issues


HALL  no increase of less than two alternates per precinct.


Margaret Speaking once again


I see that Hall is throwing his weight around that in itself has swayed this a few times.

I question that as an influencing action  that makes his role more significant than anyone else.

John Stovel is speaking at the moment


Diane Dunn  

rules committee  my my my


we can register 10,000 people as fast as possible


i am done with these people

Coleman comes back up front again


Palacio  being an ethical issue

parity in all ways would  be lovely

where are we headed from here?  UU CHURCH?  perhaps  I should go there since I do not have anywhere to work and the wedding will make it impossible for me to go to this evening






Join Centruy Club  offering Victory CLUB   October 17  Edward M. Kennedy Dinner

whatever level of contribution is PASSIN THE BUCK


Health Care for All Placing this on the ballot in 2016  crafted by Senator Aguilar  they are short 10,000 signatures  500 people are covering the state of Colorado

Colorado Care YES

getting this on the ballot in next General Election  – Race of the Cure  Jeffco Annual Dinner  Adams County Dinner  another fight to win this campaign


initiatives and propositions on the ballot proceed on these matters one at a time


State Wide Proposition BB Representative Garnett  amendment 64  and proposition aa.  revenue of MARIJUANA.  in NOVEMNER 40 million dollars will go to school construction, law enforcement and education


DEBATE  testify in opposition or for this:  amazing that no one spoke to these matters   it is a good sign.


Referred Question 2B  from DENVER  Council woman Sussman:  city side of the marijuana and keep this income 810,000.00  the city would be keeping

need cash  cash starved  hell we need as much revenue as possible




Referred Question 2A  Former WELLINGTON WEBB  on giving people in school support


College Matters  it is required that we forgive the money.  City is pushing for College that counts


Air planes and Cattle are two other issues that the city is pushing


cannot require that the colleges account for the money that they are spending.  Colleges cannot be accountable because they have no jurisdiction.  we cannot do the state’s business for them.  48th out of 50 in support of post secondary education.


this is largely for students who do not have the means of taking care of themselves

this utter nonsense of the local control of the decision-making of the public school and state education  determined to make this ridiculous

motion that we do not take a position and therefore pontificate on this noneria

i am out of the loop here completely  need to rest

69 for 94 against  163 voters defeated  sad for minorities more people voted for all this than for the two previous issues. How can this number of delegates be going up steadily after 2.5 hours


I think that they are not counting correctly.  I wonder whether people are counting in a way that is skewed?



4C  no new taxes


tax  that will be running out on use in hotels and rental taxes Globeville  –  Elyria –  Swansea Super Clean Up  Fund

clean up Platte River 10 lane super highway through the vicinity  environmental issues  middle of the project



citizens advisory committee  disadvantaged for a long time

improving this part of the city gives them many opportunities


tourist tax on hotels and fees for rental cars

Poverty is terrible  contamination is as well.  over priveleged


Dave Wolf speaking for the issue of spending on the super site clean up  HD 8  Captain


2C  support Measure  #103  opposed 42  145 voters

referred question 1a  DIA revenue sharing

1A for DIA  intergovernment plan with Adams County and Denver  restricted development of passenger services  airport industry has changed lifts the restrictions manufacturing, higher level of security.  53 sqaure miles larger than New York City.  Industrial development of 150 square acres. no tax increased. Competing with cities all over the world.  


1988 first agreement for progress  and development




speaking for the measure  Sally Ann Offner  President of technology Company



Referred question 1A  vote  overwhelming for this industrial development of not taking care of people who live in poverty.

thank god  I am done with this


done  done













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