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Colfax Ave. Anywhere America Skid Row Growing All Along

September 29, 2015


Colfax Ave Anywhere America Skid Row Growing All Along


I don’t know what’s going on in Denver, but I think the rent thing is really taking its toll. Our office is right off Colfax and I’ve never seen so many people in the alley. We’ve started to see some really rough stuff too. Rough stuff. Prostitution. People shooting up. Passed out people. We’re meeting with the police its so bad. Yet its economics. Has to be. I feel like the city is truly turning into a city. The good old days are over. Apartments are scarce and people are starting to do their thing wherever. We’ve never seen it this bad in the alley. Never.

amen –  never  –  I was on Colfax in the 70’s.


​Incident Report – Logan Studios ​corner of COLFAX Aves.
These incidents are occurring more and more frequently.
a man about 28 years of age wearing a grey flannel jogging suit, shaved head about 190 pounds  5’9, African-American who frequently is involved in dealing both inside and on the alley and at the south side of the entrance of Logan Studios came up to me as I was standing talking to a man about the bus #, I cannot read far and was trying to read the bus and asked this person if he could see the bus more clearly.  At the point this man described before came to me and shoved me with his shoulder telling me not to stare at him.  I said I was not staring at anything.
He then followed me as I went into the street and said that I was going to be struck by a car and smirked.
I dialed 9-1-1 as I have done many times and he pursued me. He took from his pocket a bright white sock and in his right hand held it with something in the sock that was heavy like a rock.  he started to pursue me again and I went further in the street as I was relaying his description to the dispatch person.
When the # 15 came going east I got in the bus.  He had walked back around the corner toward the front entrance of Logan Studios. He had been calling upstairs for Miguel to let him in and I have seen numerous times in and out of the building.
I had another incident on Saturday night with a woman who was drunk at 3 am who came at me as I was stepping up the stairs to get trash and pulled the trash from the container and also put her hand in my chest.
An officer came by and did nothing but stay in his cruiser.About fifteen people were carrying on at the time who dispersed.  I was upset as I am right now.

More and more there is a sense of lack of care of anything on this corner, street sweepers don’t even clean the curb. People are allowed to be as disorderly as they wish. A halo camera on the corner above the Liquor store is never used to prevent crime.

What I feel is uncertain about what will happen to me and that I could easily be assaulted or murdered.
Jessica from Victim’s Assistance just phoned and let me know how to file a restraining order against this person.  720 913 6253 One has to go before a judge at 1437 Bannock Street in room 170.  You have to be there between 8 and 8:15 a.m. and then wait all morning to have a hearing.  You need the papers served against the person and that means you have to have the person’s full name and complete address.  720 913 6035  main number.
At Logan Studios there is a halo camera and it is above the Denver Liquor Store.  It is not ever able to detect any activity at all  – ever.
​The person who was ​threatening me on Monday at about 5 pm.  September 28 was looking to get in to Logan Studios.  Miguel in room 2008 was aware of the person and was asked twice at least by him to enter the premises.  I reminded Miguel that I was not interested in messing around with him or his “friend,” as he described him but that I made a complaint on him to the police.  I have also made it clear that should he come in that I will not hesitate to call the police.
Miguel refused to tell me his name but he and others who have been dealing have come in the building on many occasions.
MR Juan also pulled me aside at about 8 pm and told me that I was not acting as a man in coming to Rogers to tell him about the door of the furnace room being open. Juan said that a report had been made and that I was not to go to Rogers. That 99% of the people there have a pact that they live within a community and that they depend on this to keep an eye on one another related to behavior as he cited in jail.
I said that I believe in community as well only it is different that what happened to him with Rogers was his fault not mine.  He asked me once again to respect the protocol of coming to him personally when I have an issue and not talking to Rogers or for that matter anyone else.
It is obvious to me that this protocol of Juan’s is tacitly agreed to by everyone with the exception of a few people. and it is a policy of turning a blind eye on behavior such as sabotaging the laundry and letting people in who are a risk to the safety of people who wish to be left alone.
On behalf of those who are at risk I am pleading for a community meeting to straighten out many of the problems of abuse of privilege of being housed at Logan Studios.
I am not afraid of the fall out from making this attempt to create a real community where people respect the premises and one another.  I am not backing down from asking that protections be put in place to ensure that everyone regardless of their circumstances is respected and protected at Logan Studios.
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