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Im Rapping Rap Tap Tapping Wrap Me Tenderly Wrap Me Snuggling TRULY

October 4, 2015


Spoken Word



“Im Rapping Rap Tap Tapping Wrap Me Tenderly Wrap Me Snuggling TRULY”

logoim writing  

there is nothing wrong except this BS

I keep wrestling with in my spirit unfurled

in every corner of every recess of our imagination

that we feel has nothing to do with us at all. 

I am cool 

doing what I love


express the inner strip of meaning that resonates every fall

and every time I see and feel and smell and taste the solemnity of the door mat 

that many have become



the shrill wind settle down

and the somber sense

this is all that there is and ever was 

then I open my conscious sight to grasp the futility of silent stares 

cold cringing sentiment 

cemented in the tightly held purse

​ – ​


​ – ​


that is supposed to protect you from me 

do you hear my rap 

do you taste the bitterness

of loss of the sound of shoes walking away

relieved that they do not have to tread another step toward me

or anything that resembles as it is said this vagabond?


Do you feel Me?


Do you ?   Do You?  Do YOU ?    


Please say AMEN – “Amen,”


I rap through grinding clenched teeth


grinding like an organ grinder.


Only when we stoop to listen to our own breath



 stop to listen


to the din in here inside


do we realize, at last,


if we feel me  


“We are all Alike,



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