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Colorado Coalition for the Homeless Board Meeting October, 2015

October 6, 2015

Colorado Coalition for the Homeless Board Meeting October 2015  at Stout Street Health Center  4 to 6 pm


Lee and Mark Oppenheim  owner  of oppenheim  – Development Director consultant

Jay:  Pres.

T.R. Reid:  V.P. 




Louise Boris:  V.P. Chief program officer

Pete Stodler: chief Financial officer 

James Davis


Chris Bates:  Kaiser Permanente

Daryl Brown




lee kaplan  principal






Stout Street Health Center – Community Education Room

2130 Stout Street

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

4:00 – 6:00 pm.

Call in info: 303.291.6940 Bridge #9596


4:00 – 4:05 I.     Approval of September Minutes  approved


4:05 – 4:10           II.     Executive Committee – Jay


4:10 – 4:20          III.     Finance Report – Virginia   Pete Stodler

  • August 2015 Financials
  • full staffing levels have not been achieved  thus far
  • medicaid encounters are ahead of target
  • IC 9 Insurance coding 10 new 

decline in productivity and 

“every doctor in America is griping about the new coding system”


staffed up  negative variance would disappear  but also under spent


JP positive variance billing issue  is 

billings that are denied

APRIL 1  FQHC $228  $257 increase as of 2015  that has to be reimbursed still

contribution revenue is above normal

ACE grant


contributions are based on smaller gifts

august 31st  -.5 million negative case flow

accounts receiveable  turn around


450,000  US BANK better tools to move money back and forth  decline  by 200,000 


maximum we can draw is 2.5 million.


set aside the money we have to repay to Kresgee

right short and mid term strategies



4:20 – 4:30          IV.     Resource Development Report – Jynx


210K  foundation grant came in


mailings Colorado Gives Day in November and December

5 K  13,250  requests for sponsor ships

215 registered    

2 basketball players will be present

5 vendors from Ft. Lyon will be featuring their merchandise

Gathering Place will also be engaged


4:30 – 4:40           V.      Consumer Advisory Board Report – Tanger Jones (TJ)  


4:40 – 4:50 VI. Program Committee Report – Darrell 

3%  planning  reimburse for services through  MDHI

passing funding through the administration




4:50– 5:20          VII.     President’s Report – John

  • Development Director Search
  • Communications  Vice President  interviews director of public policy  chief lobbyist  and person in charge of the department.


se fue en mayo  nadie esta empleado

Mark Oppenheim  assisting  some vitaes are coming in

Interim person to bridge the gap for permanent director

letter seasoned development person Meg Mullen   executive transitional services  interviewed yesterday  can bring  her in

will add capacity  will be starting tomorrow will work with communications team 20 hours weekly

resume is in the packet

Mark is explaining what skills that Meg is presenting in her resume.

complexity combination of diverse services that you provide for the person or family


TRAUMA is the variable that determines this complexity

organizations are individual  great person here is not a person who necessarily is successful here


raising money you’re advocating you are building a base

think about stickiness issues 

60 calls for a position

hard hitting work  a lot of calls don’t want to spend a lot of time with you  never ending struggle with poverty

not convincing a person to come here. How do we strengthen this organization?

debating is useless

intrinsic motivating where the person can do their best

“Can you find the right person for this organization?”

follow up  how long will you call them about other positions?

Asking the person who they have placed for advise.

Haven’t talked with John FEE contingent on the person staying for a year we will not have a cause or better job  pay expenses

$55,000,000.00 organization

4 to 5 X tweeted  like 25,000,000.00


bring in   more than   $5,000,000.00 Program Development  every program and building is a mechanism for fund raising.


endowment campaign for these facilities



shape how the funds are being used.

what is success in next decade?

raising $ for this is hard to do

different range spectrum of experience  “SOLID”  cover letter diagnosed the issues  

18 months of service

6 months to recruit someone

expert in what we are doing fill in gaps


maximize the impact of the department she is not planning on staying  more than 4 to 6 months 

  • HUD SuperNOFA  HOUSING FIRST  1st  rapid rehousing  research  5,000,000 paid for the housing study.  cheaper intervention of use of money in short range  MDHI  7 county CoC.  renewal funding recategorize their housing programs  better renewal prospects  fair market rent rises.

changing names and designations some we’re modifying our approach.  transition in place after 24 months  that is rapid rehousing  expressing the structure differently

NOFA Notice of Funding Availability  RFP Request for Funding Proposal.  Priority from Washington D.C.  and telling the local continuum what their standards are.


Ruth Goebels program  $80,000  because it is not successful

transitional programs that may not be adopted.

110 transitional housing units  convert in advance of transition  take 300,000 to pay the cost of operating these properties 1.6 million increase of funding


15%  total new projects increase  expand two projects permanent housing for people with mental illnesses.

rules regulations NOFA language

time line is within 2 weeks for exhibit 1 and exhibit 2 from each organization after January 2016

  • Medicaid Update

denials for integrated health care services will not pay the behavioral health services rates  reimbursing for fee for services and will not pay for some providers of services who are being trained, MSW’s and licensed people.  Head of Colorado Access agreement on one range of these services within the health care setting  qualifying licensed professional counselors.  


they are also stopping the PEAK program for health care altogether.


FQHC reimbursement  enhanced payment plan works well within the health care setting  but within the housing they cannot get any reimbursement at all.  Most services do not qualify.  Carve out of their rate and pay at fee for services

cost of supportive housing services

rebalancing this will be helpful and help to pay for services

billed twice if they are treated with separate services if it is a true distinct service



I had a bill for thousands and thousands of dollars   $34,000.00  +  $750.00 for a copay  for emergency services and an inguinal hernia



  • All CCH Staff Meeting October 7th  manana GRAND HYATT  tomorrow 7 a.m. all organizations in one site.

panel at lunch directors scheduled to be present


El Polomar Foundation award for excellence nominated for the Ft. Lyon program


$25,000.00 in Black Hawk  this took place

5:20 – 5:45          VIII. Renaissance Housing Development Corporation Report – John

  • Renaissance Downtown Lofts Update

intensifying  20th and Lincoln  riling up their residents

Lane Gallagher was present
Curtis Park neighborhood not happy either.

Downtown Denver Partnership

Social Impact Bonds are meeting this issue

Councilman Brooks  100%  coming directly from the streets

TAX CREDIT  can house up to 60% of the Area Mean Income

use by right and restricting housing is significant

parking waiver  hearing occurred a week ago testified against the plan

1 million dollars for home funds

December they will have a hearing

Jynx  Ball Park Neighborhood  Denver Rescue Mission  lost their tact at the table  make it clear that Housing is significant  on paper they are hesitant to be on board Jennifer is in Curtis Park

right to be some place  see everyone as 1  talking points  more people can understand the role of this organization and our service


more of a mindset in dynamic shift aware of the distinction of the services getting in front   –  Great Divide Greg


Sonny Lawson Park  we share this concern  we share this concern organizing these meetings with John Haydan  out reach and engagement team  more presence of out reach.

clean park on going maintenance  positive presence in the park  small opportunity to take care of the parks  Stout Street Work Program over sight paid  multiple staff involved 16th Street Mall



  • North Colorado Station Development Update

103 units first week in January, 2016



  • Stout Street Construction Dispute Update

Keiwit  settle independently

disputes punch line items  

$180,000,000 for Rhino Neighborhood


Merchants 75th ANNIVERSARY  $3,100.00 benefit
5:45 – 6:00          IX. Executive Session



dedicated to you who i miss forever 

with every step

back and forth

to and fro

as long as i see hear feel you

Before you go

know I’m always here

for you despite the times that we’ve lost

there is a place for you in my life inside here 

where you cannot see or feel

there is a place that is coveted

a sanctuary of faith in you

in all you mean to me

you have stayed within hidden protected 

safely tucked away

a rare kindred spirit

there are few who dare go here

the way is sealed from touch

though I cannot say how

this way is always within your reach

know that no matter where I ever am 

however you may be or see me

that love is renown for holding a sacred passage

to letting go of every fear that has kept us apart

i’ll never forget our life  

truly you make me feel alive

even if we never meet again 

hold on in each other’s gaze

sing a duet





breathe in

and out

to rhythms of our heart

walk holding one another close

your touch is carefully wrapped 

protected inside for no one else to feel

you are always in my heart

going on without you is not possible

that is how I learned to tuck you deeply

away from contempt and shame that you’re gone

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