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October 6, 2015


dedicated to you who i miss forever 

with every step

back and forth

to and fro

as long as i see hear feel you

Before you go

know I’m always here

for you despite the times that we’ve lost

there is a place for you in my life inside here 

where you cannot see or feel

there is a place that is coveted

a sanctuary of faith in you

in all you mean to me

you have stayed within hidden protected 

safely tucked away

a rare kindred spirit

there are few who dare go here

the way is sealed from touch

though I cannot say how

this way is always within your reach


know that no matter where I ever am 

however you may be or see me

that love is renown for holding a sacred passage

to letting go of every fear that has kept us apart

i’ll never forget our life  

truly you make me feel alive

even if we never meet again 

hold on in each other’s gaze

sing a duet





breathe in

and out

to rhythms of our heart

walk holding one another close

your touch is carefully wrapped 

protected inside for no one else to feel

you are always in my heart

going on without you is not possible

that is how I learned to tuck you deeply

away from contempt and shame that you’re gone


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