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People’s Fair Steering Committee Capitol Hill United Neighbors

October 8, 2015

CHUN  –  Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods Steering Committee for the People’s Fair  2016

1290  Williams Street  Tears MacFarlane Mansion  


Roger Armstrong – Executive Director

Staff and board meet to assess what is next


WHO knows?

“The premise of this meeting is that making money is the purpose of the People’s Fair”


Or not

Executive session of this meeting will take place after this meeting.

missions of both –  derived from Steering Committee and the mission of Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods

Rob Weil  – Debra Adams  – Emily   – Will Bright  –  Alison  –  Tori

3 to 4 members of the board on the steering committee.

Doug Goldman

Caroline Schomp



Person talking never went to the fair since he was young 

misses local flair


expensive  –  don’t go   – how much you get for the bang

what is money for?

Taste has the same perception

exploring roots outcome

Caroline  people from suburbs don’t have any buy in to fair

Rob  thirty years ago he was a board member  20 years involved in Taste as an employee,  parents were doing events

trends shifting interests and purposes of the fair

love adrenaline  work volunteer  – challenge

# of events went way up

core of what event is for became splintered

East High site was a packed place intimate

specialization of events is hard

full time in the events niches are more “lucrative”

Cathy  board member  2 Xs went movie did not succeed.

keep people engaged until the movie starts

analyze whether we continue this business

do 45th last hurrah

HOW much $ we need to replace? will this impact other events that is a part of CHUN

Kathleen Reilly,  involved most of the time it occurred.

victim of the success that was developed

some of the mojo was lost when we attempted to be vast and the best 

funky element will not make this function


bicycle was a raffle item in 1984

Allison Torvik   primary events  CHUN based burn out always the same  always drinking

lose Civic Center Park

event cap comes off at the end of the year  no additional space in parks.

all of Denver


Ian Tafoya –  gone for years and years  City Park Jazz 30 years


rename Ultimate Music Experience

Pre-parties at breweries builds buzz

branding of bands is confusing

neighborhood events  civic oriented

big giant pictures  videos  knowing how much CHUN’s doing

premier arts and crafts festival

CHUN educated on issues

youth programming

cabinets in community  know what is going on

BRAND 45th  big issue

Cheesman Park is an event park

marijuana company  absorb niche people learn how they do well

redrawing this mission of the People’s Fair

leverage with other neighborhood groups

different quadrants operating within our boundaries giving out grants and funding again

Caroline does not like that the fair was in Civic Center Park

Caroline started to attend and had good times

no one was generous with their time


board was not engaged  she resented all of this

more children engaged  going to People’s Fair is a habit

carnival is pricey it does not keep people coming again and again


obstacle course

bicycle parade

older children Spoken word large booth student artists invite them to sell their works of art participate for 10 bucks.


local angle is indispensable

banquet beer won an award and others as well at the Great American Beer Festival.

value of Coors sponsorship   35,000.00 in last 6 to 7 years

volume of beer and financial level

outreach who is interested Red Hand

super consistent  through office create a plan to finish 

Coors advertising event staffing the go to beer events sponsor who has a structure

bicycle parade  sustainability fair  up cycle  


Professional sales people marketing and execution 

Galvanize  west of the area

Charles Chris for lawyer has to do marketing

Torie Van Slyke exhibitor for a few years

SMALLER foot print too much dead space

revise mission

not 1970 move on tone it down

love Capitol Hill CHUN boundaries are big move in Cheesman Park

good rebirthing

Coors Light lame people drink

Foy 3rd year  I have walked fair talking to ____.

impact emotional data that we have

broken down  recruit new booths  determining the need

major sponsors   falling off  end of the day we don’t understand process

CHUN Makes me feel good

lose everything  raw 

nothing matters

leverage transportation options

uber lift   petty cats b-cycles

drive their bikes down to the park  pay 5$  you can have a person to park

Chris Moray  been there a long time Denver is a city people choose to live in

some made it work

no fair festival does not celebrate this

city growing and growing weekend in Civic Center Park is an asset.

leverage this asset.

congratulate people for making positive decisions

have other roots that are believable

authenticity  does not feel like Denver

passport for the weekend  you get a stamp  for other festivals

cross promote meld them together

be good neighbors

Chalk Arts Festival:  Chalk Larimer Associates

they have worked together 

Mayor’s initiative is Denver Days

Mayor’s Sustainability

or the Economic Development Organization

greening program was not successful two years ago


Rachel Griffin:   worked for seven years at fair  –  Colorado Native  for adults went when I was a child  premier arts and crafts festival  right now we are not fulfilling this and it is not be achieved.  Sculpture Park  the Flea Markets the Denver County Fair there are others doing more local activities than CHUN

people are living on the end of nowhere there is a lot of anxiety about the future that we are becoming like San Francisco  no room for everyone to be here


I’m native I moved here I’m a smart decision maker


no other event has what the People’s Fair has to offer.


$350,000 and then we’d make all of the revenue we’d need and they could afford that much investment.


212 kegs were sold during the weekend in the past  Great American Beer fest for local breweries   Chris White stated all of this before.


tickets are free  circles of circles  $1,000.00  35 micro breweries to be in this 

200 in Colorado

Great American Beer Fest done beforehand


Negotiating a special beer fest beforehand

why isn’t there anyone who is speaking to the point of this not being for income at all?  True impact on profits.   WHY what is the point of making money?

operational costs  1/4 million dollars  raised $360,000.00 but none of this considers personnel costs and TIME.

alcohol and marijuana  are different


single mom  18 year old target audience

NEW Nuevo Fair  not old

when are we forced to make these commitments

Spirit Side Beverage Distributors  $20,000.00 in Colorado

Spirits is for HARD drinking 

portfolio   many   drinks  Blue Moon  event arrangement

Tour de Fat new Belgium  runs this event

Crooked State is in Iceland.


mural project  fair great to put together. seeing people doing art

kid wants to be a professional painter  

barbecue  talking to his teacher no confidence turned around won tickets to a concert  first concert he ever went to

sell to sponsors filled out grant Michael Sapp  

tell stories  share that with sponsors  re-approach sponsors for murals engaged for support murals


sale at silent auction


photograph  them  stickers of the winning murals making pictures

future of the festival  how can we do things better. combing this fine art avenue.  14th at the Fair  build this out  producer downtown fine arts festival  collaborating

available area

corner spaces

cluster of booths on 14th Ave.  retain some who we can sell collaborate pool media contacts  tied into art students league

share with them booth fee for cross marketing  just be ART.

not interfere with anything else FRIDAY NIGHT

1 idea another idea sponsor supported

adults participate in art  canvass and cocktails Tommy Newtillo will come back on the Steering Committee  Art in the Park teach people how to make murals


9 healthcare  health focus Fillmore 9 Heath Care Fillmore create and distribute pedometers. check in at bike chorale.


200 tickets for a bottle of water free water. food vendors  9 come up with healthy options on their menus.


Outlaw Yoga in the park  would do art and health care activities and eating healthy food  staying healthy staying healthy being healthy

buddy check 9  civic center  doing a partnership with them


cross promotional opportunity as the Chalk Arts Festival

mobile mammography van  mobile nurse at Union Station

small scale health fair at these events  Bonfils  can’t be drinking


staff is departing and then we are talking for a while without 


TACO FEST  taste of Colorado bites  fair goers vote on favorite taste or bite

marketing   committee Ian Tafoya   opening this up to help with marketing  board and steering committee needs to meet


question and thought Saturday night we are not necessarily doing anything















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