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Shelter Provider Meeting for OCTOBER 2015

October 8, 2015

Shelter Provider Meeting October, 2015

Irma VOA Veterans Support Center

family motel

gathering place


urban peak

Tom Luehrs

Randy Gardner


Gathering Place 20 people

Center of Denver

Rhames  CCh  about thirty-five people

Lisa Wheeler  HIV  nurses center


St Fracnis Center Outreach team



MHCD  Marissa

JULY 1 they opened 1 stop shop


open center for people all of the time  open environment for  veterans


Lorrie Kosinski  –  Director of  speaking about Sign Language Services Human Rights and Community Partnerships City of Denver  –   303 880 3208

720 913 8487

720 458 8486

24/7 contact for signing  –  5 deaf homeless people   smaller shelter had two women and there are three men who are in the center of the city.

technology  video phone  TTY  older machine  works as SKYPE  FCC pays for a third party relay service  auto  connected to signing program for people who cannot hear.

Wellington Webb Building 2nd floor. Mile High Independent Center of 16th Street mall.

Deaf Services Center MHCD

web site


Animal Assisted Therapy:  dogs in homeless service centers throughout the_________________  city and county or anywhere else?  Integrating services animals  –  program at the University of Denver.  

Clinical Approach:  what animals are involved?

two dogs  

Christopher’s MOM was an animal therapist

Reggie Huerter  –   director of behavioral health strategies


a student from the University of Denver would be handling the animal.

Provision Lawrence Street Day time October 16 shelter closing

THIS Friday Samaritan House no trespassing line painting on the perimeter of Catholic Charities.  10 am they are painting the line


tracking the numbers of people dropping  or ebbing


attention a lot of service attention to the premises around Samaritan House.  Any additional shelters are not being planned.


STAY of the decision to operate the Lawrence Street Center, Judge did not move on this there is a new order


more combustible  urgency all around  out reach has been out there all of the time


Joshua from Rescue Mission  Born on October 6  Thursday  AGE?


Lawrence Street Session  CURRENT opened operation August last year closed October 17.  We cannot continue.  Hearing on stay with the judge  judge has agreed to a hearing  Next Wednesday request for the stay  –  City   Attorney  – 59 order

Seasonal impact on this


EARLY NOVEMBER we would open the Lawrence Street Center.  1:30 p.m. in room 303  court room

We will file with State Appeals Court if the decision is not reversed

admit that the decision was made in error.


You would simply be present

big deal  Tomas is stating 100 people will be coming to St. Francis Center the library or wherever else it is possible  mostly males  they are over 800 people every day at St. Francis Center.


what thing that Samaritan House is doing is not a negative activity


I walk around there a lot – they are not anyone who wants to be inside they are all service resistant  they are open to other services housing and other activities  they  engaged with their outreach workers


disenfranchised  –   case management time resources to work as case manager  – lacking hope

 SKYLINE Park  first place to be around the shelters in the triangle area.  three staff people nothing to do when you are there.

basic needs will bring them to a place of  safety

family reunification program

looking for a place to live and be accepted


bus tickets away from here will not be a good option.

City of origin  when they get back to their chosen place to be

how will all of this be paid for?  NO BODY KNOWS


MILE HIGH UNITED WAY  transportation RFP  we do out reach at our center we do family out reach and unification.


MHCD   we make contacts and make opportunities to reunite people and we have the same issue at all of the branches of the library.


disappointed that the demand cannot be met with the budget.  St. Francis Center can help to connect the person with money.  we do not do a referral.  $20.00 frontier will do a plane ticket. We have $50.00  to send people to and fro

funding shared budget with eviction assistance with  Denver Human Services


Urban Peak  – Kendall number of labor trafficked children are coming in and there ID’s are taken.  We have 

we have blown through our budget for transportation in 6 months.

as a collaborative we can ask for this money among diverse organizations and partners among diverse agencies

Ireland’s Finest packing up and moving  Andrew has said this before that they are making it hard with people on the street


COLD WEATHER PLANNING  Tracey  Peoria  transfer November 1 to Salvation Army

We are not providing additional shelter in 2015  they are not boosting this through the summer but not in the fall. capacity in Peoria is building out capacity


IF terrible weather comes then we will open the MLK recreation center.  DHS motel voucher policy  policy of distributing vouchers becomes much more liberal.

uncertainty about women


community  meeting next week  end of December January 1 new calendar year NOT DRH it is borrowed.




close date is set in time

PHC 15  November 17  at Convention Center  9 to 3  pm  Kate Van Daele is coordinating the event We’re looking for volunteers.  opportunity for interns to get involved.


November 12 there is a housing forum of Colorado Social Legislative Committee at 4 pm at Augustana Lutheran Church


Homeless Exhibit at Colorado History Museum on November 7 opens for the next year. 


Provider and Out reach updates and Police updates


snowy winter if we have severe winter   snow and cold capacity building  come together next month


stay open for days this is what we have to do for the staff and to cover issues


over flow at Peoria  Joshua  we had stretch of two weeks where we had all of the places open and transit has always been provided.  The transit will be there from the Rescue Mission  we reached 270  we have capacity of 300+

We can open the MKL center


families resources are limited and for YOUNG PEOPLE


Crossroads will stay open over the cold weather programs and Delores Project stays open all of the time.

Salvation Army is working on family expansion.

Jefferson County emergency cold weather families they will be open for the first time referral point through Jefferson Action Center


Mayor approved second SOCIAL WORKER in the library beginning in 2016 at branches

Senior Support Services  difficult case  complex case resource


Heading Home  Mean Street Ministry  opening places for more families 


















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