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AFDC – All Families Deserve A Chance Coalition AFDC October 2015

October 9, 2015

AFDC – All Families Deserve A Chance Coalition AFDC October 2015



“All Families Deserve a Chance” Coalition
Friday, October 9, 2015
2:30 – 4:30 p.m.
Mile High United Way
711 Park Ave W
Elizabeth Horn  founder and Chair of AFDC
Fruit: Chaer Robert, Beverages: Bridget Kaminetsky,
Snacks: Kristen Koehler
Time Limit
Child Nutrition  KATE used to work with the Housing Colorado Conference now she is involved with Hunger Free Colorado.
Learn about federal
policies, hear updates,
and take action
Healthy Kids Free Colorado
Peter Severson  and Kate  Everbright?
AFDC Legislative
Discuss upcoming 2016
Legislation and action
items for the group
Casey O’Donnell
Retreat Follow-
Meeting in November  will be November 13 from 2:30-4:30
 Mile High United Way
EITC Celebration on Wednesday, Oct. 14
from 5:30-7:30 at
 Tivoli Student Union – Turnhalle, 900 Auraria Parkway, Denver, CO 80204
Elizabeth Horn:  AFDC founder

Nan Morehead –  retired works on IDs

Chaer Robert  – Manager Family Economic Security CCLP

Bridget Kaminetsky –  9 to 5 Colorado

Christy Kallor  Denver Human Services liaison

Karen Strand  CWEE

AMANDA Intern  student DU

Casey O’Donnell:  CCLP research data collection

Stephanie Mi Casa Resource Center  MI CASA Executive Director will be the new President of Denver Foundation    –  starting in January  2016  9 to 5 low-income parents – integrated resources focus groups  at Mi Casa

John Danderund:  Human Services Network  –  Chaer Robert Real World Advocacy December 7.  Senator Morgan Carroll “take back your government” Mark Kling  Family Resources Center.  Person Centered Advocacy,  Getting out the Vote,  2016 session preview, Non-profit dos and dont’s  Mike Green community activism.



Bonnie Dehart:  Arapahoe AARP

Lutheran Advocacy Council:  Peter Severson  reports to Bishop  ELSC  World Hunger Poverty unstable income


Kathy WHITE  –  Deputy  Director  Center on Law and Policy

CCH  K. Fleury  –  Advocacy   

Kate  Bright   – Hunger Free Colorado

State Earned Income Tax Credit Party  celebrating   15 years state unearned income tax credit  will be permanent part of tax code  TIVOLI  OCTOBER 14  5:30 to 7:30  pm  Auraria Campus  free free free free free free  free free free free free


TALK POVERTY.ORG  Poverty Day  who runs all of this

Half – In – Ten Project  FRAHC  Food Research and Hunger Coalition

Immigration  is an issue for all families

Life has been a challenge  from beginning to end

Casey O’Donnell moved to the regular meeting  

honest sugar 


Committee of the COW  WHOLE:  


location  at CCLP office  legislative committee meeting  relatively easy parking   too many people  I dislike that place.

879 Sherman St.  3 p.m.  monthly  at ___________


High School Equivalency Examinations

common core standards

G.E.D.  Propriety authorization  has to be  done in the computer


Rental vouchers for extremely low-income people

Early Childhood and School Readiness

Childhood for skills training

Childcare apply for anything

Adult Education

Bell Policy Institute  Expand Childcare Cliff Pilot

losing childcare absorb their entire childcare bill 10 counties are participating in this absurd issue


whole list of other things that are passing through the child nutrition and the issues of raising a family that is impoverished


Poverty Report that was issued by 9 t0 5 Colorado



NO WILL TO REMOVE 0  balanced Budget  commonly mistakenly called a tax payers rights act  which is a misnomer and effectively was put into the constitution derailing the ability of the state of Colorado taking care of infrastructure


Many places have passed legislation that changed the law and created a mechanism tor keeping the revenue 


NO ONE brought up the issue in their focus groups




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