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Burnes Talking About Data Collection Determining Who Is Getting Treated – Better – More Successful

October 14, 2015

We found  case managers worked with individuals.  This is what I have to do to move people from here to here.


Utilizing Reports:  Out puts how many people we served.  I am not giving money for what you were going to do with them.  Tell story where hey had been living.  What has changed   – e logic  flexibility  good data

help develop your scales according to what you have to do.  5 people in crisis no work, never worked no intention of working

crisis  more vulnerable


stable:   I have seen all of this from Rand in Douglas County.




where the person has to go where they have job skills and training for a career. IS THIS GOING TO TAKE YOU WHERE YOU WANT TO GO!


not making anything up this is a graphic  they can see where they WANT TO GO


Navigator lays out the PATH


Community Housing Partners:  Board she is the Executive Director for them to become self-sufficient


What are you doing to help the person become self-sufficient

This graphic can be done for individuals and for the aggregate group of their clients


4 people moved from red to yellow to green it is a progression that people can understand.


service list report  education tool for the funding supporters

how many accessed services at CWEE CCAP  CCA  Center for Work force Development


1 person had a sketchy work history  worked for access a ride,  call for ride she scheduled.  Kudos from her boss,  blossoming  supervisory role after three months.

Funders  transitional housing program  red headed kid  giving him a place to stay  what happened to the boy and the mothers  after two years?

IS he doing well?


Interface with CBMS or HMIS  they have Aurora Home  guinea pig pilot marry e logic with HMIS  getting something from it Fred worked with Roland. Not perfected at all.


They are doing dual entry.

Not highly efficient.  MARK is speaking.  HMIS  Burns is does not answer the question of impact

City of Aurora:  changing people’s lives in a neighborhood.

way to tell a story

tell story for the moment because they are going to school


on board for Boulder Shelter  critical measures that we are providing  SCOTT  naturally.


How do you provide the justification for staff time for HMIS  how do you justify the commitment to E Logic and the measurement basis for HMIS?

Fred long-term goal measure with HMIS with E-Logic.


Trauma care  stigmatizes  people  –  Mark  triggering people coming out with diagram that indicates color red.

strengths versus needs  scoring lower in SPDAT  VI

varying from one person to another.  defining the idea of thriving


struggled with disability  struggled with mental illness  blink this away  outcomes do not cover the adversity and issues of living


Customize the way that you use the nomenclature.

we can use this without judgement  you are in crisis what do you NEED  everyone defines movement  what does this struggle look like


there is room in this in this collection of a baseline


there are always semantic issues   level of comfort you can make it fit your organization.


quantify and objective of positive outcomes


collect demographics


report out entry date  last assessment  how they progressed.

e – logic   came out of a system.  what people desire and how they can improve their lives  they were doing this on paper.


monthly clients have a compact that they make monthly

Action Plan Achievement Report

takes the judgement out of



person comes out with a case plan progression.


motivating  the person with strength based perspective


supports their dynamic  content of being more productive


a typical situation in thirty day period interface  call come in and see with them weekly

client schedule   doing this staying on task


got specific parameters

costs x amount of dollars to access these services  and the data can be used effectively to support funding


CeEN Colorado E-Logic Evaluation Network

several organizations and they created this network  9 members  all of whom are using this system

meet monthly

peer to peer network

they work with the CAMPO staff  increase capacity of evaluation  one of a kind this is not being done this network  is sustainable to make an agency more efficient and they can make the system function like Boots on the ground.  Come to terms with what is slowing the process.


shared data is their intention in other parts of Colorado.  In the long run they will be able to share their information.

How long does it take to come up to speed and make the system work  ABOUT 6 months it takes to make the system function.


( new navigators to make us all feel comfortable   1 case manager working with WEB BASED APPLICATIONS and depends on the skills of the person doing this




encouraging people to be part of the NETWORK  someone in Loveland has been keeping up and comes to the meetings after two months.


every person who needs access to the domains and indicators needs a license  $500.00.  

DUSTIN has a contract that is $500.00 a PERSON  ends up being $10,000.00 for the whole process


FRED  one time FEE  Fred makes an effort to work with you for years.   BELOW $15,000.00


Is this fee transferable. It is for the agency and not the individual staff member.  Sharing data across agencies.


If client receives more than several services from your agencies how do you unpack the impact?

figure out how one determines the success of the person’s achievement.



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