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Housing Colorado Trade Show in Beaver Creek at the Gerald Ford Conference Center

October 14, 2015

A lot of new people have come to the conference including the people with whom I came here today.


economic inequality

National Housing Conference

homeless people  ??   how?














negative  space  crossroads  4 building edges



plan for what to do at all


safe affordable and access for all to housing

what does this mean in creasing rents and d information is from HUDesire to create wealth

instead of sharing resources


60% housing costs forDenver  Rents up39% boulder up 47% colordo springs 36%  Colorao median Household income up 30%


half of the people here pay for than 30% of their income for both housing and health care and  also for child cafre if they have families.


earn 82,000  for median house home in Denver, Colorado


understand that a family cannot afford a home and this is the fastest rising rents in the nation.

household formation was less

people don’t have reasons to try and develop new housing



1/3  are living with their parents

economic realities persist in influencing the decision to be delayed in leaving home

stages are still coming of the younger populations

coming to ownership means that there is less money to dedicate to the housing


generation X

baby boomers


all of them are waiting  and staying in the job market\dijuuuy7y7yy7766ttt6tgttgttgtg


rental housing   multi family housing  and smaller  units  structural shift

in economy  lost some jobs  ones gained lower waged service jobs


living wages

housing  in conjunction


temporary wrokers without benefits and lower income

road map for meeting housing needs

Smaller and land use changes

allow people to live somewhere


What do you think about TINY HOMES?


shared living arrangements


boarding homes



places that are easier to build with

less regulations


this is also necessary  –  a slew of  housing from shelters and emergency services that include  both day and night facilities,  boarding home and common areas we  need creative means to change the situation.


design programs that fit with diverse economic influences

link housing policy to all interventions


that provide economic incentives


affordable care act

Tacoma Washington  bring programs



























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