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Who Wants to Do Anything About Homeless?

October 15, 2015

Terrell Curtis up there

Jen Lopez  state coordinator  through  housing TOOLBOXES


Grand Junction  HapWays Village

Harm Reduction

Housing First



Zoe  safe place  ask questions really feels unextential


permanent supportive housing suffering from behavioral health and addiction and mental illness


really dig in  Zoe’s show

living in Durango  and building housing 

Permanent Housing best way to end homelessness 10,000 units at the moment there are not enough units

first joint request for applications 250% more than we have ever done

working with medicaid launching a program next year

service oriented and ________

5 month training program

design and created 25 teams

Housing First  harm reduction  easier on our residents who have mental health issues than addiction.  

17% people who are treated are sober after a year all levels economically



she worked for 21 years in this field


explain the distinction between a program that is focused on being dry like Ft. Lyon Harm reduction and Trauma Care  

all manipulate the system


Sam Tsembaris  Pathways to Housing in New York City


Housing can never be used to coerce people into being housed.


housing is a death sentence.  


Permanent Supportive Housing  voucher attached to a building or to a person which is portable

services are much more difficult to define and fund


access is one of the hardest elements to define and find let alone pay for


housed they will be healthier not struggling all of the time

service providers are trained to engage


8,300 paroles  25% released to street.  they come back to corrections


Delores Project  sheltering  over night services vulnerable   for 15 years


appropriate for meeting the issues that homeless people have



35 units of permanent housing

no place to stay rebuilding their shelter and a permanent place to live


families homeless chronically  child welfare not helping and then again foster care is not the best solution  keeping families together is the best response


poverty is the greatest barrier to a person being able to develop fully


83% of our housing  that is needed


true sober housing is possible


creating community

it does not work for us in this way and people are building their community

no difference between people in any situation that we have network for support.

I had to figure it out in my own way.

build a network community  support  love them to death paid to be in their lives


we need people included  need a spectrum  for all full continuum  even if we have a voucher we cannot place them  with a building that is dedicated is not a possibility

Grand Junction and Ft. Collins have been working on all of this with people with criminal backgrounds. 


People have to have hardest to house HUD has changed the game to reverse cream who it is that needs to be housed immediately. There is still an extensive long-term waiting list


severe persistent mental illness  2/3 report child abuse

trauma  mental health center of Denver.  brain is on fire  not exactly but there is a hollow feeling in your spirit as though you’re a zombie  living in a status of no life


Adverse Childhood Experiences:  20,000 normal people at Kaiser Permanente followed over two decades to see how they functioned.



feeling safe  

CCH  Petra:  always remember  full in depth training maintenance front desk  out reach  is speaking about extending training to everyone but the service providers are also having many issue to effect them


Transference  trauma   brought into a lot of people who experience trauma  releases TRIGGERS that traumatize most of the people who are living


STAFF were also anxious and needed support


TRAUMA  is the subject of my service November 29  people hurt as young children fell through the cracks


Harm reduction is utter nonsense  I believe in a lot of what you’re saying


environmental protection Boulder Housing Authority –  drug testing affects everyone painful to lock your door kick out four families  fifteen minutes to take everything with you and this is a hard time asset management  Meth and Crack  are serious issues

meth production


level two and above sex offenders are restricted from housing vouchers


don’t smoke the meth and marijuana in my unit  if the children are exposed to these drugs they can be affected their whole lives


include nursing care  treating chronic illnesses  using regularly.

6 pack  –  bought them back pack  went to purchase beer instead

detoxing is dangerous

services riding the person around to get high

client centered aims and objectives  is far more effective

i don’t do direct services

nonjudgmental participating

New San Marco Deluth, Minnesota

diabetes is under control

outcomes  keep people safe and healthy

 meet the person where he or she is 




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