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Service on Trauma – “Fragile” at First Unitarian Society of Denver November 29 at 9 and 11 am at 1400 Lafayette St in Capitol Hill

October 19, 2015

Subject: Service at FUSD “Fragile” on November 29 at 9 and 11 am 1400 Lafayette St.

I know and have always known that I was removed from the mainstream of conventional behavior.  A PhD once told Lanphear (an ED at the camp I ran when I was young) that it was a mystery to him how I did not end in prison.  He felt I was a bane on Woodrock (the camp),  I felt that way about all social institutions in which I ever was a part.  That is what makes Trauma Care of such significance to me. 
  •   I have a service to do to the congregation at 1400 Lafayette St. at 9 and 11 on November 29  and community to get across what is trauma.
  •  I also want to explore how to respond to people who are living in agony, repeatedly victimized and afraid to associate with anything because they feel safer in a protected world, which of course provides the person with no support at all.
  •  I have this service on November 29 and I would like your help.  It is at 9 am and 11 Sunday morning.
I always sensed that I was deficient as a father, a spouse, a friend, a partner to anything I applied ways and means of protecting myself and in the end alienated everyone and have lived in perpetual chaos. 
 Cognitively I realized this as a young adult.  



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