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CAB Consumer Advisory Board October CCH

October 20, 2015

CAB Consumer Advisory Board October CCH 




Sarah Lightfoot  Mary Lea staffing



Michael barge



Chris Venerable  Education/Employment Training @ Urban Peak

Elizabeth  from outreach  4 mons. brand new  outreach in D.C.

18 out reach members  6 from CCH -St. Francis Center – Urban Peak – Downtown Denver Partnership

thrift store being developed

cakes  celebrating people’s lives –  salads – chips – fruit  – water

D.C.  a lot more supports of shelter beds for behavioral health

mental health care   2 times below a certain temperature  need to be involuntarily committed or went to a shelter.  right there and they can see the issues they are not providing any care for people 


St. Louis  people would prefer to sleep outside in shelter system  which is a public  program.  located downtown and they’re shutting this down,  East Side of St. Louis  a mess


3000  +  only investing in ones who have been homeless for more than 3 years  and they have to be older. invasive questioning    helps to build a relationship when you’re interviewing people.

Helpful to spread the word to other people  Distribute references to a number of sources.  Denver Human Services best sources of resources.  

People are making good money by sticking with the sales of the paper on the street

migrating homeless people like leaving the north and going to Miami for the winter, or traveling from the Res  to the city and back again  time and time again


street out reach police are allies  Layla Desteffany is a Sargent 


how many people are new it has bottomed out  percentages  100% increased.  younger  out there because of the marijuana.  More minors at our shelter because two closed.  Alcohol is more pervasive    medical housing  however the person is involved with you  without fail it is alcohol related.  A lot of teenagers are drinking but it is also co-occurring disorder diseases. acute alcohol 


45 come to the Spot  busy up to 80  people never fewer than 25.


there are case resistant to receiving services  tough to engage because they have aged out of the program  10 people at most.


they have relationships and it is a hub a nexus to come to meet others who are on the street and they prefer the support of the people who are outside.


outreach workers cannot find the camps of the younger people because of the camping ban  we knew three years ago where the youth are living


Mary Lea sees many people in the Highlands Canal area many people have moved to the suburbs.  Dahlia and Yale


Trafficked   they are kept on a leash  not visible.  They are keeping people in a house.  Push to address Human Trafficking.  

They are living simply an carefully  some of them have pets and friends that the shelter will not take


volunteer to take an animal.  DV  domestic violence will pay to place an animal in the shelter.


Pet food is donated  Vets go to Father Woody’s  

Animals have a supportive nature for troubled people


Film that was made at West End Flats of Lori Malone and go out and do things and she does not need to worry and can rest and develop her functionality  won an award from Kaiser Permanente


word is spreading   voice is significant  power of input and what you’re doing and what you’re making 


rotation   when you have a season and another set in


new ideas new set of ears  rotation  more new people


stay positive and keep moving


15  or 20 number of members

loose limit

they understand the reasons for this to exist.

everything should stay positive  discuss a lot more


50%  attendance  will be required.


tight  communication would be needed.


someone who is interested 5 people are interested in participating


maybe you’d like to be a part of this group adding to the solutions that can end homelessness


Now that the word is out that the drama has subsided we want to get on board


HOLIDAYS  what can we do for the Stout Street Health Center.


Soup for the Soul:   soups and a lot of people can eat here and it was packed.  

not enough time for set up  people from the CAB to add to this. Gillian McCume runs the front desk  DATE:  DECEMBER 


Kwanzaa  pot luck     26th   the   come to her house for Dinner.  Abari Gani  Umoja,  Kujichagalia, marathon:  travel is an issue for some. 


gifts  for one another.   shoot her some ideas about what we can do. 


I-25  Hampden    Ms.  Forington  EXPLORER


dark  at night  lunch you’ll be there in the day light.


donating some money toward the photography in the rooms.















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