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MDHI PIT COUNT October 2015 homeless people on street

October 21, 2015


Autumn Gold:   Kick off for the National Runaway Youth Month.

Date:  November 6

Place:  3358   Larimer St.  Evening 

Denver Integrated health


We are gearing up for November as Colorado Runaway and Homeless Youth Awareness Month with our annual Youth Summit and Kick off event. The summit will be facilitated by the amazing Kaiser Foundation, Shiloh House, the Rural Collaborative and OHYS.

! This year’s National Runaway Prevention Month theme is “More Than Meets the Eye” and the youth will be creating a presentation/performance for the evening event based on this theme. 

At the same time we will be having an adult/professional track (including the 2016 Youth Point in Time) for those who work directly with at-risk and homeless youth. 

Within the Art District you can enjoy over 60 participating galleries, artist studio and restaurants joining the First Friday Art Walk every first Fridays of the month. We will be advertising a sock, glove and hat drive during the event. By the way – Remember to put your green lights out on your front porch for the whole month of November to show your support and raise awareness of runaway and homeless youth.

If you can’t participate in the summit, please consider joining us for the evening and maybe even make a donation to this year’s efforts. No donation is too small!! 

Autumn Gold

Homeless Programs Specialist

Office of Homeless Youth Services



Housing and Urban Development is not thinking logically, at the most, ever.


meeting has been going on for about an hour.  I am out of this completely. disturbed that no one bothered to tell me about two significant meetings yesterday.


more troubled by my friend who I grew up with who was an ally.  Have less and less people who I can rely on.   feeling isolated


emergency services  33rd and Larimer street the kick off for the Advisory Committee on Homeless Youth event on National Night Out for Homeless people who are younger than 25 years of age state wide kick off November 6.  I think.  Autumn Gold.


Katie Fleury  on the morbidity rate for people whose names will be read for the Longest night December 16  names and circumstances should be sent to  for the list to be read on November 21 or throughout the event


 BOOTS  shoe laces  plastic bags  emergency blankets safety socks  clean  lotions  ski masks, coveralls,  mittens, warmers  hands and feet emergency gear for homeless people is completely different than the usual covers  light weight  Kevlar  Mylar anything that covers your whole body scarves long johns  that are weaved,  booties,  wool vests, water proofing, hoodies, sweat suits jerseys, anything that is thick and warm that wicks away moisture.


hot water bottle,  thermal anything,  layers changes of clothing that are light weight but hold in warmth and wick away moisture.


​protection for winter survival   –  some observed issues







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