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Skills 2 Compete October meeting at CCLP Colorado Center on Law and Policy

October 22, 2015

Skills 2 Compete October meeting at CCLP Colorado Center on Law and Policy


Frank  Waterous  was addressing the meeting about the conference.


Ashley  was speaking from D.C.

Economic Analysis and Research Network


Economic Security for Families

Job Quality  career pathways

raise the floor and build ladders  

benefits  quality system

connections for their coalitions with the Colorado Work Force Councils

on going

meeting informs people and national skills building staff in D.C.

bus ride to our setting  


Representative Arndt  running a bill on adult literacy testing for  GED


Shirley speaking 

Dept. of Education Referred Funding Announcement

State Board of Education  listening to comments and ideas about the Adult Literacy  Testing   GED

rule making and equivalency applications

Done without legislative intrusion

Pearson  GED  review committee

State Board will make final decisions regarding these recommendations


approval of multiple assessments with regular review and tinkering with the outcomes  all criterion that meets these outcomes


state board meeting December 9 and 10  WHETHER they do is another matter

Contract with Pearson ends as of December 31 regarding testing


sequential   opportunities legislative session


Laurie Harvey  from CWEE

key contract was leaving the state  no commissioner of Education  RFP process with three vendors


Representative Val Flores  –  apprenticeships


November 11 public comment  be there for the days that they are having a hearing.  


7 members of the education meeting:  

Lorena  on the phone

Opportunity Youth INITIATIVE

Where do these board meetings take place must be in the Colorado Department of Education meets.  


Steve  –  Mile High United Way


Centralized  intake  for board members about comments and personal information


Chamber  which chamber?  

basic message get rid of the trade mark name and give it a generic brand


December  potentially discussing three proposals if they can select more than one proposal.


Who is a member of the Coalition  organizations and individuals


trust issues


other assessments are very successful  transferring people to Wyoming to take the test.


RULE MAKING:  doing away with details leaves everything hanging out to dry without a middle ground?  

HOW DO YOU REGISTER FOR A TEST  How Often you can retest, if a person is cheating  what happens.  


issues of people who are incarcerated and where they can take the tests.


We need to indicate what rules and regulations are appropriate and make sense


what are our top  Priorities?  Jim  Schultz  updated work plan   accomplished what was on the work plan previously.


Choice of High School Equivalency Plan


WIOWA  state plan


Implementation of the work force advisory plan

career  pathways on ramps for those with challenges  with trauma  barriers to employment


WIOWA implementation

credential attainment  – Talent Pipeline

career pathways  –  CWCC in progress

quality of the data of work force

input from those who use these tools

trauma informed pathways


employer involving   not a policy thing


CCLP  grant access WIOWA  those who are homeless  HIRE SOMEONE to work only on this  game changes


Butler Foundation  on the East Coast  the Metropolitan Denver Homeless Initiative.   opportunities to switch employment practices that are best practices.  Stable address stability generally


Aubrey  Jack  in Colorado Center on Lay and Policy


PEOPLE who have a criminal record


Colorado Work Force Development Council  Kelly Cosi  Mile High Youth Corps  –  Liddy Romero  Work Life Partnership  main shebang.  generally open all over the state of Colorado


they will need people with these perspectives  OPPORTUNITY YOUTH  INITIATIVE  –  advocates


low-income Coloradans.  JACK  specific campaign


client base     with their backgrounds

Karen Strand  CWEE

Shirley Penn



Ashley Shaw

Laura Gibuy

Kelly  Arapahoe Douglas Work force


Jack Reiganboggen

Colorado Center on Law and Policy:  addressing legal issues with poverty,  criminal sentences.  


Band the Box   preference for a worker because she or he is the best applicant qualified before they examine their criminal history

moved from Philadelphia in JUNE


 Tuesday morning 10:30  am stakeholder meeting at CCLP on BAN THE BOX COALITION  


7 states have private sector ban the box

large cities have ban the box  

exemptions  working with sensitive situations


carve out exempts some employers


municipalities and counties have limitations with these exemptions  want to pass this bill next year.


employers have to be involved in stepping up  to engage in this process

Obama speaks up on doing this on a federal level

any one talked to micro  enterprise.  


licensing requirements  if you have a criminal record


coke – target  – bed bath and beyond – target individually  set ban the box in their companies



some organizations help people compile letters of explanation.  

all too often the person is denied an interview


we do background checks once the person is hired.


credit histories


job developers may be critical  sources for support  helping to get business to the table


sympathetic  employers who will be interested in supporting these initiatives


They met in late July  and this is the second meeting

Displaying Randle.jpg


just got this  FUNNY FACE


NOVEMBER 19  and no December Meeting.  














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