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MDHI Coordinating Committee @ Mile High United Way October 2015

October 23, 2015

MDHI Coordinating Committee @ Mile High United Way October 2015


Lindi Sinton:


Isabel McDermitt


Gary Sanford  –  Super NOFA  HUD shepherd funding

21 million dollars annual renewal  10 grantees  a number of sub grantees

Notice of Funding Availability


9  weeks for submitting Submission of applications to Housing and Urban Development Administration.  Competing with all of the other CoC


3.1 million will be available of NEW funding  prioritize for youth, families and individuals and families experiencing chronic homelessness in suburban areas of the metro region 7 counties.


About fifty people around Busse Board Room

How the CoC performs collectively to collaborate on employment, benefits, maintaining housing, stabilizing income and consistent quality of life.


Expecting to achieve major accomplishments in receiving the funding.


How many housing authorities in the metro region.  How many people housed in the last year.  How have the municipal and counties doing with the marginalization of homeless who have been in prison.  

Full application on Exhibit 1 and 2  to Washington D.C.


Close to Home  –  Denver Foundation  launch   November 5 7:30 at Colorado History Museum,  500 people at the same time of the opening of the exhibit on homelessness in the basement.  Major Hogan from Aurora and Hancock from Denver

Former Ms Colorado will be speaking  Denver Broncos who experienced homelessness.


5  years of funding is committed to this program development

MDHI  updates:  Point in Time January 25, 2016 we are continuing the Point in Time from HUD


Cameron  Peer navigators applications for Peer Navigators at jefferson County social services.  Bridgehouse second peer navigator will be hired.  Formerly homeless and people who are  housed are likely applicants for these jobs.  Agencies will employ the navigators
Alyssa Hearty  Denver Public Library, Denver Central Library, and regionally Jefferson County, Aurora,  Alyssa covers 28 libraries.  They will hire peer navigators  behaviors and issues in the libraries  are doing.


veterans stand down

Point In Time no report 

Boulder Outreach Homeless Overflow taking over the day services at the Bridge House  expanded to 5 days weekly  and also at the Boulder Shelter.  People will be able to use their services  Resource Center lunches and dinners five days of the work week.  first step to the 3 partners working together in Boulder County.

Jamie Sckroney McKinney Vento  RTD nonprofit  next Tuesday affordable passes  Blake St  16th Street Mall in the basement. at 

Colorado Funders Association  Housing Transportation Employment 2.5  hours Enterprise Foundation best practice models.

Mickey Lewis Empowerment

Alejandro  Alex he said he is from Adams County Vista

Adams learn landscape in a meeting  Jackie was VISTA  hired for Adams County Housing authority  resident management of the properties.

Bryan from Arapahoe  VISTA  Committee Point in Time Incentives down with their donations for 2015  30 to 60 days to respond to provide support.


Sock It To Em campaign
Family Promise

Lisa (HOPE)  providing Encouragement   transitional housing lockers for personal property  Longmont  community
Series of churches opens their doors during serious circumstances  formerly homeless people will be staffing the place.

Homeless Symposium in Longmont 2 weeks past Agave, Safe Shelter, two police officers, a council person,  seniors losing their places, no public bathrooms  over 100 people attended.

Shelter for Families Angela  been there a month ACCESS HOUSING new Executive Director  FULL ALL OF THE TIME COLD WEATHER CARE is on the MDHI WEB SITE:  Jean  interfaith  throughout ADAMS COUNTY.

ALL cold weather shelter information is on the site.

Single mothers work with rapid rehousing for the time in the program professional case management group of mentors build basis of network eligibility  serving 5 counties Family TREE


Denver Rescue Mission, Salvation Army  DALE  new Director  28 years with Salvation Army.  Tracey Brooks told him to attend the meeting.  Prioritize everything as always.

Tom Luehrs  single women and men in Denver  providing information  over flow in Peoria and I-70  transitioning this to Rescue Mission November  will use the site until May.  Stage at Salvation Army to bus people to Peoria

Keith Singer Program Director  End homeless in Arapahoe County House of Hope. South Broadway Center 4654 S Broadway Sunday Nov 8 noon to 2 pm  getting parts in the wood  hosted other programs for the severe weather  Douglas, Jefferson  and Arapahoe Counties registering people in rotating churches. register at Helping Heart, Cafe 180,  Broadway and Floyd. registration same for Severe Weather Network.  once registered when it is called for bad weather you call in and they tell you where they will pick you up

Homeless Awareness Action Task force considers you for voucher to a motel for south metro area in Arapahoe County.


There are more and more churches that have been participating

House of Hope Intern

Colorado SOAR PROJECT  Jeff doing screening SSI SSDI  access and recovery  Social Security benefits

70%  success on first time applicants starting their second year of this funding

Claire Coreman  ATTENTION HOMES:  discussion supported housing Inter-agency council on homeless  with Governor  Jen Lopez  3:30 to 5  GONZALEZ Libary  5th of November  1490  _______ St. on housing for families


Coordinated Access 

25 cities program  convening launching coordinated assessment


October 29  Dept of Human Services all break out groups will be meeting on the Community Design Team of the 25 cities

matching people with landlord portal

youth  Transition Vulnerability Index  TAY for 16 to 24 year old

Service Prioritization for Determination and Assessment Tool  SPDAT.    Vulnerability Index 

only community piloting the one for the young in Denver

Ian Dejong  developed the SPDAT  and coordinated with the one that was developed for young


coordinated entry  come a long way in a decade.

September  12 housed 4 units and 8 scattered sites  6 permanent Housing Bonus for 6 of them  125 people to house from July to the end of January.  71 veterans housed in permanent housing

google platforms transforming  3,000 members transition to platform  LONG VIEW  with coordinated assessment HOME LINK interim solution

Josh Garland has been working in this.


Came from another meeting.


Brittany is speaking – finding units and landlords willing to rent to homeless people  big deal to have people come froward to rent to Mayor’s Caucus funds    41 landlords across the 7 counties going for flex funds and down payments and damage deposits $55,000.00  


portals for the housing vouchers are through VOA,  and getting housing quickly  they are renting apartments for $850.00  A lot of them come for $1,300.00


Home for the Holidays  campaign

Zachary  from Brothers Redevelopment  endorse this campaign.


this is the same branding as the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

we cannot find anything new  Companies are buying all of these units  Homes for all Veterans  –  priority 1 big companies make three times of the rent to be considered. Colorado Housing years and years long waiting list for place  to live


ESG  helps with these deposits. has to be kept in escrow and it is returned.  administrative fees are not paid back  

Lindi  hopeful optimistic  we will get back to this  but we’ll get back to having  places for people.  


Landlords Opening Doors























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