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Aurora Warms the Night

November 4, 2015

Aurora Warms the Night
Shelter & Services for Aurora’s Homeless

AWTN is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing shelter & services to preserve the life, health & stability of Aurora’s men, women, & children facing homelessness.

Our volunteers make what we do possible.
Thank you for making a difference in the lives of our clients.

(If you have volunteered and aren’t in this video,

it’s because we only had 3 minutes, and all your faces & kindness would take days to capture. You mostly likely have been on our AWTN Facebook or newsletters, and more importantly, in our clients hearts.)
November is Hunger and Homeless Awareness MONTH and the week of Thanksgiving is an additional Awareness WEEK!

What we do
Located in original Aurora near the Colfax corridor, AWTN provides shelter and comprehensive services for Aurora’s homeless.  Those services include…

  • Shelter: Cold weather shelter in motels when temperatures drop to 20 degrees or below.  Shelter means the homeless will not freeze to death, can take a hot shower and tend to personal hygiene in a safe environment. 
  • Basic necessities: Year-round services include meals, food kits, warm clothing, hygiene items, transportation to shelter, laundry vouchers, bus passes, partner agency referrals, and advocacy.  
  • Resourcing:  By partnering with onsite providers to provide mental health services, health care clinics, workforce education (resume writing, interviewing skills, job coaching), food stamps, SSI, and SSDI application assistance and veterans’ services.
  • Community awareness:  AWTN provides homeless awareness support to the city, schools, faith-based community, corporations, and community organizations.

Why we do it
Aurora is now one of the largest cities in America.  We have grown tremendously and that growth has presented the normal challenges of urbanization and homelessness. 

Losing a home can happen to anyone. Job loss, high housing costs, family break-ups, and illnesses are among the most common causes of homelessness.

Did you know that …..

  • More half of the people experiencing homelessness in our community are families with children?
  • 12% of the homeless in the metro area live in Aurora.
  • 66% of the homeless in Aurora are children under the age of 18.
  • Aurora has the highest percentage of females that are homeless in the metro area.
  • 43% of the homeless children in the metro area live in Aurora.
  • Aurora Public Schools reported 2,392 at-risk and homeless kids enrolled in school.
  • More than half the people experiencing homelessness are families with children.

* All data is from the 2014 Point In Time study and Aurora Public School District.

Why we need YOU
Aurora has always been a collaborative and compassionate community.  Lots of people talk about problems, but we’re all about BEING part of the solution.  You can help on an individual level or group level.  Both offer the rewards of helping others and feeling better about ourselves.

Here’s how you can help…

  • Summer Lunch:  Provide and serve lunch for the homeless at the Elmira Office one or two days between June 13 and July 8, 2016.  We will coach you on how to make this a rewarding hands-on experience for your group.
  • Food Packets:  Mobile food packets to give to the homeless during winter activation.  The packets contain a basic meal in a bag and cost between $3 and $4 each.  A member of our team can work with you to organize your group. Or donate the funds and we will build the kits for you and provide you with a photo and certificate of donation.
  • Hotel Rooms: Provide hotel room scholarships for the homeless on cold weather nights that are below 20 degrees.  $25 provides a night of safe shelter for one person and $50 provides the same for a family. This saves lives and keeps the homeless safe! This is our greatest need.
  • Advocacy: Mobilize other organizations in your circle of influence to help as a group.
  • Activation:  Assist with cold weather shelter activation, client intake and distributing food on days the weather is below 20 degrees (from 10:30am – 2:30pm).
Meet our AWTN new Program Coordinator, Shalon Miles. 

Shalon will also be facilitating our new woman’s recovery group, held weekly at 1544 Elmira Street.  W are accepting refferals – email us at info@aurorawarmsthenight.orgfor more info.

Thank you to Arapahoe House for providing us with funding for this collaboration.

What a great time we had at AWTN with Leadership Aurora class of 2015! From learning about homelessness to rolling up their sleeves and serving lunch to our clients, this team is truly demonstrating what it means to be a leader in Aurora!
On behalf of our board members, colleagues and clients, thank you to everyone who has supported AWTN. You are making a difference every day, providing access to services, basic needs and shelter.
CLICK HERE TO DONATE: Sponsor a Night of Safe Shelter
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