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Our Heritage – Back Unto the Middle Ages – in Part

November 7, 2015


 Loeb (Lob) relatives: information surfaced this morning that we are descended from Rabbi Mosche Meir Maharam Weil, who was born on Nov. 30, 1599 in
Freiburg im Breisgau, Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, and who died in 1658 in Stühlingen, Baden-Württemberg. He was my great-grandfather times eight — so you can figure out what he was to you. His father was Rabbi Samuel Uri Schrage Weil. Rabbi Mosche Meir Maharam Weil’s son (from whom we are also descended) was also a rabbi. His name was Naftali Hirsch Weil. He was born in 1640 in Stühlingen, Baden-Würtenberg and — I just discovered — was murdered in 1692 as a “martyr” along with his brother, Itzak.

 You and I are related through the Ullmans (who married into the Loeb family).

The Weils were a rabbinical dynasty of such prominence that their ancestry, marriages and descendants were recorded in detail. The information about the lineage goes back to 1200. I found out because a man who is married to one of my Loeb relatives is very interested in genealogy and has spent a lot of time studying it and posting what he has learned to the websites that record these matters. I knew that I had relatives named “Weil” but didn’t know much about them. However, these websites now have so many people recording information on them that the linkages emerge.
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