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The Storm Without and the Storm Within How to Sustain a Ferocious Onslaught

November 9, 2015

The Storm Without and the Storm Within  How to Sustain a Ferocious Onslaught

First and foremost:  is forgiveness when we celebrate on the Day of Atonement.  asking for forgiveness for our transgressions but also as significantly forgiving your mistakes and trials.
Second and as important is graciousness, remembering to never lose sight of the finite gift of being here and having no regrets about the journey.
Being thankful is not only expressing gratitude, but also feeling equally the inner strength of realizing that this moment with all of its turmoil is worth the effort; no matter where this may lead.
Third, is the willing to believe that death in imminent and all life’s trials prepares us for the ultimate gift of dying and our death. In this awareness we embrace the moment because this is all we have to embrace.
fourth,  a subtle patience, when it is tough and you want to die, that you look at this and let it pass without response. With years and years of loss you remember to breathe,  the pain subsides and the wonder and mystery of life’s gifts settles in you, you feel the wonder of a child looking at the skies and following the path of all that glitters and glows.
Fourth, remarkably we are resilient,  it is a trait that has to do with the primitive brain.  When trauma occurs we freeze and escape from remembering the painful memories.  We come to understand that we are neither helpless nor hopeless.  We see and feel that we are connected from all of our ancestors who have come before, that these people are the reason for our being here.  We owe a debt of gratitude and connection to all of those who have come before to whom we are connected.
Fifth, although we’re less agile , able in every way, we still persevere no matter how we live as a will for surviving and overcoming losses that are inevitable and which seem to be overwhelming.  We find a way to make it through adversity no matter what.
Sixth,  purpose plays a pivotal role in surviving.  Having a raison d’etre means that there is a routine, a commitment, a constant in facing the distinct challenges and burdens that encompass our lives.  We know that we have a place to go, a task to perform, a loved one to care for, anything that takes us from narcissistic feelings wither euphoric or damning.  We feel more stable and committed to living when we are focused.
In this respect, making coffee, taking care of the kitchen, looking after another, any form of helping is the most profound gift that the Church has ever offered to me.
You have provided sanctuary from the storm within and within a context of community.  For these gifts and much more that I am aware of I am blessed by your presence in my life.  Thank you.
The service for those who have died who have lost loved ones who have been outside without a place to rest this last year will be held on December 16 at the City and County Building at 5:30 p.m.  Please join us in the experience of “We will Remember.”
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