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Board Meeting CCH November, 2015

November 11, 2015

Board Meeting CCH November, 2015


Finance Committee Meeting  Status Financially


Pete Stoller CFO  making a presentation


bottom line:  $358,000.00

-1.3 million  to cover the losses year to date

anticipated loss 2 million 1/2 million medicaid

will 0 out at the end of the year.  500K number of revenue streams that will balance everything out.

developer fees   Meg on board  reevaluate what can be done.  Be frugal from a cash flow basis.

interest and other fees owed to CCH. RPMC 450 K waiting to receive.

Colorado Giving Day  that was 3 million last year bump

contributions on mailing contributions they feel confident that they are doing well.


600 K short with grants from last year

other funds from the foundation


end of September  624 K  increasing ICB implementation  build paying at a different interval.  ICB  slows down every part of the process. We are working on speeding up the process the cash flow is based on caught up on a lot of the cash.  We have not taken off anything on the line of credit.  Medicaid pushed back their payment from Monday to Thursday. There are a lot of special policies that have to be developed They are trying to develop practices that reduce the time to twenty days.

Colorado Access is processing the fees they were not responsive

a lot of interventions to keep the money flowing

government did not shut down this year  2.5 million is the line of credit they have a pay period that is possible to cover if they need to

liability until March, 2016

paying for things that we are not covered for  a number of programs that are unfunded.


a lot of the  MDHI grants are limited in fiscal increases.


seeing ten people as opposed to eight patients. 

fund discretionary projects without being a threat to other programs

grants went away  some housing first programs would cover this through medicaid  challenges of billing


BART  benefits retention acquisition retention team  bring two million dollars we had a grant from social security to pay for this


150  K  budgeted for BART for which there is no revenue stream

out reach  we are not charging those costs to the grant  medicaid revenue is there to cover that.  

consolidating a number of grants

sharing staff across properties

how do you prioritize maintenance and management?  it is separate based on the individual property.

HUD expects us to raise other funding


discretionary funding has to help meet expenses

preliminary budget presentation at January meeting

delay the board meeting until later in the month

dedicated finance committee when we can put this together

which programs are self sustaining

units of service for people without a safe place is much different than the conventional patients.


HOLD the finance committee meeting separately around the 15th of December  3 pm


January 5 first time for meeting

December 1  meeting of the Board of Directors


challenges of staffing has been a part of this


green light to build for their licenses  back fill for therapists and being able to bill for services

cannot bill back in retroactive services provided


good news I guess that going forward they can collect funding

renew carve out for prevention care services

Behavioral health organizations will be closed

education and advocacy is hard when you cannot understand what D.C. is up to doing decapitated payment for medicaid services

2017 will not end our coverage  but will change the nature of documentation

get away from a Fee for service payment system # of services that you are offering  as opposed to making the person is well

risk based adjustment has to be provided

new director  charlie savage

Community partner of social investment with US BANK

Stout Street Health Center – Community Education Room
2130 Stout Street
Tuesday, November 10, 2015
4:00 – 6:00 pm.
Call in info: 303.291.6940 Bridge #9596
4:00 – 4:05
Approval of October Minutes
4:05 – 4:10
staff strategic planning  
convene volunteers to work on this committee.
II. Executive Committee – Jay
4:10 – 4:20
III. Finance Report – Virginia
September 2015 Financials spirited meeting
key issues  increase is negative,  full staffing will assist in meeting our goals financially
ICB  moved from ICD-9   way more robust coding contrast is being precise on recording the treatment to a person.
accounting has been made more specific and timely by changing means of doing business
medical billing we have to keep our eye on
a lot of questions have to be asked for every service to retain the funding reimbursement
optimal  receivables for funding
line of credit is a big deal to them.  goal is to pay down the line at least a million dollars
line of credit down to zero
how we manage the funding what type of money we can bring in
 we’re not behind on payments or payable   
not considered late UNTIL   so tighten payment schedule
fund raising Stan Eilert   – a lot of capitol fund raising we did not accrue this year  
71 K  from mailing
race occurred 681 people registered  netted 28 K  we raised 10K more than the year before.
see above
2016 Budget Process
4:20 – 4:30
Meg  on board a few weeks.  delighted that the funding development team is solid.  half of the revenue raised in the last three months of the year,  90,000 pieces of mail  83 acquisition pieces. 10,000 house list of people who have been donors over the last three years.
e-mails until you drop  tax credits and other means of developing donors  
1 designated major gives staff members
becoming monthly donors.  come earlier in the year work that message in
some matching money for Colorado Gives Day  – better to provide funding earlier  2.5 million dollars
strengths of development office    solid team 1 more giver gift
stronger support for strategic plan   arc of the story  know what you’re asking for.  keeping track of what is going on
all of the fund raising system in the CCH office is functioning it is how to improve the manner and focus of the department with the over all organization.
any giant grant raiser will raise 6 times the person’s salaries
soft side of the fund raising resources and networking donor calls and a portal that is required supervised script
supporting the asks that are given
fund development skills are significant
web site digital strategies  where does this fit in the organization?
strong presence in education and advocacy consumer facing  immediate marketing awareness 
knowledge of what you are up to must be made everywhere  integrated services that do not have other services
who does this where does this live?
make the consumer feel good  is not as significant as advocacy
joined together with the social justice people
how is this ushered out to the identified right audiences
communicating with different generations
IV. Resource Development Report – Jynx
4:30 – 4:40
V. Consumer Advisory Board Report –
Tanger Jones (TJ)
4:40 – 4:50
Program Committee Report – Darrell
4:50– 5:20
rental assistance  it is not designed to 
30%  increase in costs of rent  and people losing their homes for good
task force 10 million annually for housing for people.  increase the fair market rent levels.
trauma care cultural competency  12th this Thursday at 11:30  Jennifer and Suzie Street
Philadelphia Insurance Company  deductible  no D/O claim  conference cancellation  kid napping 50K   replacement  basic coverage  D/O  contract liability is not covered  indemnification language funding for any complaint in court.  2 million dollars for an individual.  Carrier offer additional coverage  would that be necessary for a 50 million dollars budgeted organization.
excess coverage for commercial liability.  blanket policy to Great American for property coverage. excess liability.  600 million dollars of coverage
575,000.00  for all of the properties
coverage is always added to subsidiaries. defense costs are always higher. for everyone on the board.
President’s Report – John
Directors and Officers Insurance
7 million  mdhi  and 2 million through balance of state
HUD required at tier 1   and several for tier 2.  Congress has provided enough for all of the projects not continuing 
3 million dollars more  ranked all of the projects
3 projects  housing  first   – renaissance 88 and transitional family housing was in lower tier.  lost points on some review process 
HUD will refund all of the projects in tier 1 and tier 2  tier two  transitional housing not effective intervention  embraced housing first and rapid rehousing
converted to rapid rehousing  which is conducive to what HUD wants
increased dollars  by the amount that  HUD raised the rents  1989  Ruth Goebel  upper tier  refunded.  
new project rapid rehousing for families application 2 million collaborating with 4 agencies.  Funded smaller grants  reduce to $600,00  we will serve less 
emergency solutions line up for a bed no guarantee that you’ll have a bed. there is transitional housing like the Catholic Worker House.
call transitional housing
Warren Village transitional housing
24 months  increase their options graduate on going assistance.
Then there is Ft. Lyon
there are treatment models that are diverse like Red Feather and the Bridge House in Boulder.  
reimbursement for masters levels counselors for Licensed clinical workers
reimbursements of three of four issues with the Colorado Access that would not pay
this is what we need Colorado CARES FOR November 4 on the ballot
16 months secured reimbursement  
Kresgee  national Press Club  Integrated Health Care  Pay for success 
social investment  and they get profits  challenges   Kresgee Foundation
rehospitalized   what our experience was twice the average of the state,
we went further than the average population.
base line in the first and second and third years
philanthropy and social investing investing in social enterprises.
Social Impact Bonds
reduced the number of people who they wish to serve to 250 from 300 and 185 would be the people served for the city  and services
1,100,000 a year for services for people
Medicaid Update
Kresge Update
Fort Lyon Update
5:20 – 5:45
 equity proposal development 1.13 1.15 for each credit will provide a million dollars.
Renaissance Housing Development Corp. Report – John
Renaissance Downtown Lofts Update
North Colorado Station Development Update
  85% completed  design issues resolved accessibility  tour for the board in December 1 
Stout Street Construction Dispute Update
5:45 – 6:00
counter back 850,000.00
contiuum of the board to meet exhaustively
Executive Session


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