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Shelter Provider Meeting at Innovage November 2015

November 12, 2015

Shelter Provider Meeting of Denver’s Road Home November 2015

4 trips of 200 people by bus – Peoria Street

SPACE for Over flow

Salvation Army – through the Winter

Samaritan House operating on over flow take vouchers until 8:30 pm

Another provider will provide the services at Peoria for Women

main sheltering will be at Samaritan House

Women’s Homeless Initiative

Youth and Families there is a meeting on the

OVER FLOW URBAN PEAK SOLID since October 1 until March 31

Families: Cold weather motel vouchers but that only has to do with people in Denver

below 40 degrees for only one day

CONESTED Denver Rescue Mission respite rooms at Family MOTEL of the Volunteers of America.

Respite Care: Denver Human Services for 20 beds legal contracting issue

FULL FAMILY MOTEL need much more beds

Lambuth Center on Federal Blvd. has opening for four families

this is where we need collaboration between counties – Comitis and Action Center.

Over flow ran all year for the first year

DPD to voucher Denver Sheriff’s vouchering after 9 pm until day break.

No confusion about seeking alternatives

we desperately need a place for people no matter what to stay and maintain dignity

Contact points: fact sheet #1

secondary and third and fourth iterations of this information

we need to have a real time Coordinated entry system

Lindi Sinton is having a meeting on emergency services for families on MONDAY November 16 at 2:30 pm

Mile High Montessori opening for child care

interested in working with people with our issues

Close to Home: Kicked off at Colorado History Museum last Thursday. Will be following us for a long time

better understanding for a long time

anyone have any thoughts.

Announcements Project Homeless Connect 15 on November 17 at the Convention Center.

Tons of services medical services are being expanded.

Denver Veteran STAND DOWN

s Stand down 8 to 2:30 5275 Franklin St ON NOVEMBER 19

clothing blankets greatest thing there is

STAND DOWN is ALMOST THE SAME TIME as Project Homeless Connect

Thanksgiving meal at the Convention Center 8 to 2

Squeaky Bean will take over the Rosa Lindas meals @ Wynkoop and 15th

Resurrection Village: over view fact sheet tiny house community houseless 25 and 26th and Lawrence Sts

October 24, five or 6 houses 10:30 police came back and forth TreeHouse Development raided took away all homes

Resurrection Village maintaining a presence Arapahoe and Lawrence sleeping outside 12 tents police did not touch them

Broadway and 23rd encampment they were told that they had to leave

including a person who was older.



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