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Addiction What Is Wrong With Gambling

November 23, 2015


Addiction What Is Wrong With Gambling

For Addicts, Fantasy Sites Can Lead to Ruinous Path


Compulsive gamblers say they have lost thousands after being drawn in by aggressive pitches and promises of quick payouts

“It would be akin to an alcoholic finding out about a whole new street of bars that he never knew about – exciting, great bars. For an addict, it wasn’t what I needed.”

JOSHUA ADAMS, who already had a sports gambling problem when he discovered daily fantasy games.


“there is no one way. kindness and immediate response listening being still and present and listening walking in the way of those who suffer and being ready willing and able to respond as you feel in your heart. As Rumi suggests having an open hand and heart and allowing the light to enter. it is a two-way street, to hold and embrace someone as yourself.”


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