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WHO’S ZOOMING WHO? Porqueria – Congress Always Wants to Look Good No Matter What or How

November 27, 2015

WHO’S ZOOMING WHO? Porqueria –  Congress Always Wants to Look Good No Matter What or How


The Horific eample of how to fudge statistics to make it look like you’re doing something to chnage and diminish the incidence of homelessness.  What nonsense.



“The number of sheltered people in cities declined by 14.1 percent from 2007 to 2014. The number of sheltered people in suburban and rural areas increased by 19.6 percent during this same period.” More facts from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development‘s annual report on homelessness here:



_______ HUD and Congress CONSPIRED to make themselves look better by shading the statistics a neat parlor trick to cover the naked truth. December 16 we will be reading those names of people who did at 5:30 and City and Cty building and in Boulder Saurday December 19. In Colorado Springs they have a march from the Salvation Army. It is a true indication of who is homeless by who died before their average age and that number has remained constant for 20 years.

Before he died Carl Sagan outlined why it is in the best interest of all–even the wealthy–for the rich to do whatever it takes to help the poverty-stricken to rise out of poverty:…/quote-of-the-day-carl-sagan…

WE NEVER EVER TOOK CARE OF RETURNING VETERANS SINCE DAY 1 injured, out of work, returning to their homeland from abroad.  Inane and indefensible.

 Veterans make up far more than 15% of all of the homeless in America, and they want to end that by 2016.  Yet that is unfeasible because a number of these are FAMILIES and not individuals and that HUD and Congress wants to end by 2020.  The Cajolones of the congressional representatives and there is another gnawing issue that people are sent off to the military who are in many ways unable to make it  and their interests like athletes is that they can escape poverty.  Only a small fraction of anyone playing the lottery ever wins and changes their lives.

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